Taylor's portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Game Star Mechanic
  • I picked this project because a ton of people in my class were doing it and it looked fun, playing games, fixing them, creating your own ones

  • Pivot
  • I did pivot because my friends were doing it and it was an easy way to do stopmotion.
  • Airplane Design
  • I started airplane design because Nina and I were trieng to make a baloon car but didn't have enough resources for it so we leaned how to make a simple paper airplane from Bear and then started designing our own.

Top Reflections:

"I tried making really small airplanes but they didn't work and Nina tried making really big airplanes and that was ok so I think the average sized ones work best and I learned that on certain airplanes you want to get weight on them to give them even balance."
    • I picked this reflection because it shows how I learned what's good and bad for airplane design and how if you add weight it works much better

  • I learned how to make a game, add blocks, make things turn to a different direction, and play the games! My progress towards my goal has improved. I am much more confident, and believe in myself. I am setting a goal to finish the quest so I can publish my games.
    • I picked this reflection because it shows that I learned how to do many things and if you asked me to do them I would have confidence hile doing them knowing I can do it.

  • I finished up my snowflake pivot. It looks very, very cool. Leila gave me the idea that there should be snowflakes on the screen, blank screen, snowflakes, blank. It really gave it that spark it needed. I think that all my pivots turn out well because I take time to make them look nice, not just a bunch of pictures.
    • I picked this reflection because it shows that me and Leila can work together well and that I can learn new things even with such an easy program.

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