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Top Projects:

  • building a computer
    • I picked this project because at the time I watched some guys from micro center make a computer. so I thought it was really cool then I found out David p, and George were doing it. but the whole thing about making the computer did not last long because we did not have the money.
  • kodu page
    • I picked this project because at the time i saw someone do kodu so I thought it was very cool, so it took me a while to get to it but then I got o it and said to myself this is really fun and cool. but then it got a little complex so I stopped doing it so i t slowly died of.
  • coolmath game reviews
    • I picked this project because it also looked fun at the time because I thought i could just play, and beat flash games for people
  • minecraft page
    • in our minecraft page what we did was make a server because we wanted to play minecraft with multiple people. another reason for it is so people can learn how to play minecraft. so my group I played with was Max, Fin, Nate, Thomas, Jake, Bear, and Ammanual. The struggles we had were we never cooperated which I am not saying its a bad thing it just made it more fun but not for everyone. What I didn't struggle with was the resorces
  • kodu page v2
    • Inside of my kodu world I have a a first person combat eater thing where I have a spark of imagination, and bring something new to the table it is not only that but it is also a racer so while you eat everything you also eat everything that ever was so be sure to check it out (don't eat the racer). I picked this project because I knew I would have fun with it, because there is just so much things you can do. I struggled with the starting area of the level it took some time to get it right. What was so easy was the making of the rest of the area. how kodu connected to my life was how it got my real gaming side of me out.

Top Reflections:

  • "gamestar mechanic was fun, because some levels gave a challenge some just let you do whatever. the reason i stopped was because my premium ran out. it had pretty good developer made levels with multi-layers and learning as you go, and developing how to play the game one step at a time. but if i didn't have a different project i probably would still do gamestar mechanic. "
    • do not make the game easy. do not make the game not have a storyline man. do not make the game have bad sprites. do not have a bad background. make the game worthwhile
  • 'I choose grageband on the mac it had nothing i was interested in. so it got real boring real fast. all it had was jazz and other lame things like that. it was also kinda hard to make the song if you don't care."
    • it shows my musical part of me and how i can acomplish things
  • "gamesalad for mac was another short lived project, because i did not watch any tutorials, and to be honest i simply didn't really care to watch them either, it was not really that intuitive. it was lame and i waill never do this project ever"
    • I picked this reflection because i have hurd goed thingz abut itt
  • pad3 journal

  • deconstruct and reconsruting computers
    • it this project robert and i we took apart a computer and then we will put it together again.

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All Projects:

box master the remake

box master


box master the move (trailer) script

box master 1/2 ram into ammanual
box master #1 lived in the fast lane
box master #1 closeup/action scene
box master #2 was at the top of his game
box master #2 closeup/action scene
This winter
Action scene
They face off
Three shot with pieter thomas and ammanuel
action music made by itunes
Action scene

Scene chasing ammanuel around in boxes

More chasing ammanuel scenes

Then one slow motion scene of thomas and pieter chasing ammanuel