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Top Projects:

I to highlight this project is because it was was my first project.
It is one of my favorite project so far.
The reason I liked this project is because I was with my friends.
I also enjoyed it because it was fun to play all the games.
It was also fun to write the reviews.

Project 2 (
Explain The reason I chose to highlight this project because it is my favorite project.
I also like because I already know a lot about goalie pads.
I've learned a lot how goalie like there pads and how it will effect me as a goalie.
It also was fun to do this project.

I chose this project because it is my most current project.
It also is a very fun project because I get to play one of my favorite video games.
It also shows the different strategies of the game and how to get a better team faster.
It shows how to create something quick and trick on being successful.

Project 4 (NHL15 season Mode)

I chose this project because it is probably one of my favorite projects because its with one of my good frineds.
I chose this project because it really stuck out to me.
I also chose this project because it involves my interests.

Top Reflections:

  • Today we made our first steps were make our pages for our reviews.
  • I also started to write my review.
  • We also tested NFL QB.
  • Our next steps are going to write our proposal for tomorrow.

    • the reason I chose this is because it was my favorite part of the project.
    • It also shows how we started the project and what struggles we had.

  • I learned that some goalie pads are made for different types of goalies.
  • I tried to learn what type of goalie I'm and buy the right pads for me

    • this reflection is my favorite because I learned the most about goalie pads.
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    • Explain why you chose to highlight this project here.

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