Game Reviews

By:Kaylee, Sophie D., Sophie R.

Sophie D.- BasketBird
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Sophie D.-Webkinz Smoothie Moves
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Sophie D.- Webkinz Banaza

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Temple run-Kaylee
Wheres my water?-Sophie D.
Doodle Jump-Sophie R.
from_ipod_temple_run_snapshot.pngKaylee- I think temple run is a very good game but has some glitches to it. So I give this game a 9/10. It is Awesome!


We are doing app reviews again.

I did Video Star
here is my screen shot.

I did mega jump
here is my screenshot.
megajump1.jpgSophie R

I reviewed Pipe Roll here is my screenshot. I rate it a
8/10 because it can get a little bit boring after a while but it is a fun
game to play. It is not that challing or hard.

external image mzl.vokljibz.320x480-75.jpgSophie R.

Today I did jelly car for my app reveiw. I played and beat 4 levels with 2 stars for each. This is one of my pictures. I rate this game a 7/10
external image placeholder?w=259&h=194

Today i played temple run i rated it a 5 out of 10 here is my screen shot i took
external image temple-run-screenshot1.png

I played Dino Rush I rate it a 9/10.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT2nlOeG6dwGfSUwtRGq6O3HNv8Ssdr3ID-TcZrbLAe1gv3DyF-hg\

I also played Dino Rush and i rated it a 8/10.
external image 129106278796_screenshot_5.jpg

tap tap revenge.jpg
Tap tap revenge is a really fun app. You chose a song and then there are little bubbles that you tap. i rate it a 8/10

external image mzl.mpzmflwv.320x480-75.jpg
I played the game Subway Surfers and it was very fun, i think i would rate it a 9/10 because it is kinda slow at the beginning thats all.

Today i played coolmath and i learned how to play the game rotate and roll and also snail bob i think it was fun and i learned from it too. I learned stratagys to get through the levels and how to beat them.

Rotate and roll is a very fun game witch has many intresting levels and I also have been researching how tio revew and this is what i say about the game it a a hard game with more and more balls and it is all kinds of colars in it wich i lost 6 times in a row.

I payed the parking game it was very frusturating and I dident get past leval 4 ); I think it wasent as good as rotate the ball and i am going to compare and contrast next class.

Kaylees App review for itunes-
Video star is such a cool app you can do tons of many different effects and it looks really cool. You can lipsink to a song or just dance to it while chanigning the effects. Its Really cool! Now that i have used it, its my favorite app.

cool math snap shot.png I did a app review on a game called bloxorz. It is on the wesite cool math. I used the website stitch to take a snap shot off of the computer. My rating of this game is a 10/10.

most addicting game cover.JPGFirst you have to buy the app called Most addictive game free from the app store. Once you download it, it should look like this.

begining of mag.PNGWhen you click on the app it looks like this. Here is how you play the game: drag around the red square and try to have it not touch the sides of the box it is in and try to not have it touch the other shapes in the box. This game is timed on how long you can move your red square without touching anything.

playing mag.PNGThis is what the game should look like when everything is moving around while you are playing.

losing mag.PNGWhen you hit a side or shap this caption automatically pops up. It tells you the amount of time that you lasted in the game. You get two choices after. You can either save the time that you got if you are proud of how long you lasted or you can click play again and play the game again. Im warning you ahead of time this game is REALLY addicting
.skitch1111.pngWe made a skitch on papas freezeria.