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  • SLD2 KMD3 Project
  • The top project I have made is video star. Video star is a really cool app. First you pick a song and then you start the video. You can change the affects while the video is running. If you talk in the video it blocks it out. This app is mainly used for lip sinking and doing cool affects. When you are done with the video it ends up looking like a profesional music video.
    • I decided to use this project because I thought that this app was really cool and I want others to learn about some apps that you can make music videos in because I really enjoyed it and I think you would too. It was so much fun and I think that I am an expert on this app now. I can also help others when they need help.
  • ** cob1&kmd3's app page
    The top project I have made so far is on an app called faceme. Faceme is a really funny app. You take a picture of yourself and then you put it on a different body and it makes you look like your doing what the body is doing. Its really cool! You can change a ton of different bodys like one that i did was a bunny so it was my face on a bunnys body and it would hop around.
    • I decided to do this project because i was looking around on the app store and I wanted to try something new and I saw this app and thought it looked really funny and cool.
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Top Reflections:

  • Today I rated a game called temple run on my ipod it was a very easy proscess but it took a long time to get the picture onto the computer wiki. Some troubles that I faced were that I didnt know how to make a page that leads to more pages but I think I have the hang of it now. Temple run is fun and exciting you can learn lots of skills playing that game.
    • I chose to do this journal response because I think it had a lot of detail in it. It expains the problems I faced and how I overcame them. It also shows my thoughts

  • Today I learned something really cool. I didnt know how to take a snap shot on a computer so i learned that there is a website called stitch where you can draw write and put stuff on your snap shot. It is really cool. Next time i will do that again.on this app and why I liked it.
    • "I choose to put this reflection on here because i thought it was really neat how i learned something new and now I will know how to do it for te rest of my life.
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