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  • Project 1
    • I chose this project because it was one of the most successful. I really worked hard on this project and really enjoyed doing it. Hopefully we will be able to do another project like this. I think this project really shows my creativity and design skills.
  • Project 2
    • Music Review Joey-Claire
      I chose to post this project because its one that Claire and I both put a lot of time and effort into. A lot of these reviews actually took alot of time to do and alot of thought went into each review. It was actually a project that I really enjoyed doing.
  • Project 3 The Covington Times
  • I chose to post this project because Claire and I together have both worked really hard on this. We kept it updated every week and we have done almost all the sports at BCS. I want to try to let people know we have made this because I think they would really want to know that we have done this. Especially the players and the coaches for each team.

‍Top Reflections:

  • "I have emailed players on the cross country team about their season. Hopefully they respond and answer some of the questions i had asked. I have started writing the boy soccer teams."
  • I chose relfection because it shows that immediately after I finished one of my sport teams entry, I was already thinking of my next task. It shows that I'm always thinking about what I should do next instead of just sitting and waiting. I really enjoy this project and I've talked to some of the teachers about it and they love the idea of it.
  • "Today claire and I uploaded about 2 new photos to the wiki. We will start to write comments and directions on how we did each design so that others can try it."
    • I chose this reflection because this project sort of like a 2 step project. After you edited the picture, you had to write about how you did the design. And I think its good that we wrote it so that other kids can learn how to do what we did.
  • "Today we started our review for Babel. The only thing that is annoying about posting is that we have to post twice because you can't copy and paste from our wiki to itunes."
  • I chose to prite this reflection down because it was one of my favorite projects I've done in this class.I think this is a good review because I'm showing what we plan to do next and I write about one complication we have with our project.

joey and claire photo editing

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