iMovie Information:
This is a page dedicated to iMovie on the MacBook. Most of the information I learned about iMovie was learned through the Apple How to Videos.

Filming Your Video:
Since I do not own a camera of my own I go to Photo Booth. On the left side of the PhotoBooth you'll find that the camera is automatically set to take pictures. If you want to make a video (which you do) you would click on the icon that looks like a video camera. Once you have done that you click the record button/icon and begin to shoot your video. Once finished shooting your video click on it to watch. When you are watching your video you may notice that there is a add to iPhoto icon. Click on it so you could add it to iPhoto. You have to add it to iPhoto because once you do so, iMovie will recognize you clips. Once uploaded to iPhoto open iMovie and the clips will automatically upload themselves from iPhoto.

Editing Your Video in iMovie:
In order to edit your video you must have the clips from iPhoto on iMovie. Once you have done this you can begin editing your video. First you could drag what you want to be in the video into the top section of iMovie. You take the clips you see at the bottom of the screen, highlight them, click and drag them, and then add them into the movie (the top half of the screen). Once you have gotten all of the clips you wish to have in your movie you will then (if you want to) edit out everything you do not want in the movie. If you want to do so, you must take your mouse and highlight the clip that you wish to no longer have in you movie and press delete. Once that is out of the way you could add transitions to your video. If you want transitions you must click on the fourth icon that has to boxes together. If you have selected a theme of your video at the beginning then you will have themed transitions. You could wave the mouse over all of the different transitions to preview and click on the one that you want and drag it into the video as you did with the clips in the beginning. If you also want to add text to your video you would click on the third icon of the capital T. This will lead you to a variety of text you could choose from. Once you have done this iMovie will ask you which theme you want for your text clip. You just choose what theme you want and it will add the text to your movie. When you are done doing all of this you have the basics for your movie.

Adding Music to Your Movie:
If you want to add music to your ALL of your movie you could simply click on the music icon in your iMovie. Then if you have music in your iTunes Library you could choose from you music and it will be added all of your movie. If you want to add music just to certain parts of the movie then you would click on the microphone icon. Once you have done that iMovie waits to record and tells you to click on the part you wish to begin recording. You will wait to do so and open a internet window and go to YouTube. Search the song you wish to have in your movie and have it playing but paused. Then you will go to iMovie and click record. Then QUICKLY go to the YouTube window you have open and press play then iMovie will pick up the sound of the music playing on YouTube and then you could stop recording whenever you want the song to end in your movie. Then you could close the YouTube window.

All Done!
Now that you have perfected your movie you could go the the lower left side of the screen click play and enjoy your movie. :)