Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

sim city
Jaylen Gabe Jacob Karl Ty
get all are population up to 100,000
how its hard to keep a city in good shape
population is hard to mange and control
we will need to get are supplies to each other to help each other
devises and app: free
Main Steps:
sustain the city and have happiness over 60%
we will log are stuff by photos
we will work together by give each other items
maybe 5 weeks
our recourses are our devises and some people did sim city last year in tinkering and our inspiration is our like of gaming
it will be difficult to sustain town from fires sewage breaks and robbers/criminals we will solve the problems by building fire stations police stations and repair crew.
we will share it on our portfolio and our target audience is gamers in this class.
get 12000 people in are city each
karls fatory
sim city karl.PNG
gabes towers of bossness
gabs sim sity.PNG
j sim sity.JPG
Ty's City
How To Play Sim City

Ty's Good Tips:
Scrunch the buildings next to each other so fire stations can help all the buildings have no fires.
Use the Vu Tower to get disaster challenges so you can get Vu Coins and Golden Keys.
Get cargo ships to give and get items.
Get coins from the town hall every 24 hours to get 3000 or more simoleons.
Get expansions at level 10 so you can get more buildings.

Karls five good tips

1 sell stuff at full price

2 check every hour

3 don't make random items

4 make sure you have all items for your oc whips

5 be calm and be patient

Gabe's 5 tips
1. Make sure you have your factory's are far away form houses

2. Sell stuff at full price so you get more money

3.up your buildings faster

4. When your reach lv 10 up your roads

5. Check all your energy and water.

Jaylen's 5 tips
1. don't put factory's near people.

2. always be alert, anything can happen.

3. use your money wisely.

4. little fire stations cost the least.

5. you have to make everyone happy.

Jacob H.'s 5 tips
1 sell things at full price for more buying of other peps stuff

2 keep these away from people factory's garbage dumps and sewage systems

3 keep these close to people hospitals fire stations parks and police

4 a easy way to get gold keys is airports Dr vu and cargo docks

5 are you desperate sometimes CPU's want to trade things for coins