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scratch pge
  • ** Project 1 I choose my scratch project because its was the most recent one and I could link it also I put a lot of efforts in to it. I am still working on it, you can check it out when I am done.
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  • project2
    This was my first EVER animation project. I learned how to put in sounds and use the back pack fetcher. Also I learned the basics of animating like making cartoons. I put a lot of effort into it.
  • crossbow project 12
    This was my first build your on mini weapons of mass destruction. I had to get my own resources from my house for this project. I had to do research for this project so it would work.I found this to be a fun and interesting project.

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    • Built more backgrounds with David and Evan c for a game I tried a lot of colors and designs. I am going to put in some programing in them Evan c could help me with it and David could help with music.
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    • started to make proposal to make movie review with James for movie review project.Finished linking resources.
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    • got to first class so i am starting a different project from the mini weapons of mass destruction.finished proposal and found materials. this reflection show me making progress and finishing a project.

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