Thinkering Studio Game Reviews By: Bennett And Ihsaan

B.I.G. Reviews
Bennett and Ihsaan
Our goal is to help you know what games are worth buying.
We take in consideration, quality, story or theme of the game and the frames per second of the game.
We expect to learn more more about games, and thinking critically about how to give feedback for the explanation of the game. We chose this topic due to our love of video games.
We will have trouble finding the games to play them, and beating the games.
We will be stretched by thinking critically about the game and what the features have to satisfy the customers.
Computer, Gaming Console, Video Games
Main Steps:
  • We will document our project in WIX.
  • We will have different roles in the project.
  • We will design our website.
1 Quarter
  • Our inspiration for the project is imdb and you tubers who review games.
  • Researching imdb and you tubers will help teach us. Also Mr. Whitmer will help to.
  • We will make our own PLN by focusing on our project and work on it every day in our own place that helps us.
It will be difficult to find new games that don't have to review.
The project might fail by not having detail in the review.
Sharing/Teaching/Paying It Forward
  • We will show other people our website
  • Gamers and people in the classroom
We will know if our projects good by editing the project every day. Also so we will ask other people about there input.
We will evaluate the project by entering our daily job into the journal.

We will make sure we record all of our work and check it.
“What are you making?” “Why are you making this?” and “Who is it for?”