Write a sentence or two introducing the type of music.
the critic.
Write critics about the music. the lyrics/ beat/ production
the positive.
Write a positive side to the music.
should you listen.
Talk about why they should listen or not. why?
why did I choose to listen?
Explain why I chose this album/song.
was it a waste of time?
I will be making a scale next class sports this is soon to be determined.

Black panther is a movie that came this year. The music in this album is based off of the Movie. The album has so many artists on it and so many different types of songs. All types of songs are in it you could find something for anyone. like the songs all the stars is a super pop song while like opps is super rap. There is every kind of song in this album. Overall I thought the album was really good. The songs are very catchy and have really good beats. Everyone loved the the movie. So everyone loved the album. The albums songs had great music in the backround and just a great vibe oral. I really think this was one of the greater albums this year. I give it a 5 bees of how good it was.