Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

Gleep Glop Comics
Ricky, Brayden
To make comics of 4 or more pages each. Not including the title page. We will also to have to learn writing techniques and drawing techniques. Figure out ways to make our comics look appealing to viewers.
We expect to learn drawing techniques like shading, line weight, cross hatching, and how to hold and control a pencil properly.
This will stretch us because we're not the best drawers and story tellers. So that is why we would need to learn different techniques.
We will also now learn how to think of really good plot stories.
We need paper, markers. Also we will by finer tipped markers.
Main Steps:
  • First watch videos of drawing.
  • Second see how to outline a comic and how to make ideas.
  • Third create a draft for a comic.
  • Fourth watch tutorials on how to make good dialogue.
  • Fifth make a 30 slide comic.
  • Sixth edit it and make sure it is good.
  • Seventh make another one.
  • Eighth now that we are going to do it for another quarter we can make the comics longer
  • Ninth also we can focus more on plots
  • Tenth then we keep uploading them into google slides.
  • Eleventh we could maybe make a video showing all of our comics
We could do this for 2 quarters.
  • Find people who are good at drawing and ask for their help.
  • Also find youtube channels based around drawing and comic making. Like markcrilley on youtube.
  • Maybe find other online tutorials of drawing different features.
Drawing thinking of ideas for our story. It might fail if we can't come up with a good comic strip. Also focusing while we are working on our comic.
Sharing/Teaching/Paying It Forward
  • Make copies of it and hand it out.
  • People in the classroom and school.
  • After make a video showing how we made our comic and drew our characters.
  • Also make a video of all our comics.
We will know we are successful when our comic is approved by 10 people. Also when our comics are meeting all of our goals.
“What are you making?” “Why are you making this?” and “Who is it for?”