Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

NFL highlight reel
alone project, just me.
A challenge I might have is figuring out what ways to make my reel better, then doing it.
Challenge Starters & Examples
I will learn how to create imovies and how to edit videos.
How will this stretch you? (Look at the Thinkering Studio Rubric for some ideas.)
Imovie, youtube, edits(slow motion, quick motion, ect.)
Main Steps:
  • I need to find videos off youtube
  • Put them on imovie
  • Edit off the stuff I don't want from the video and keep the good parts
  • Add music/audio
  • Add in slow motion/quick motion
  • look over project to make it perfect
  • Put project on wiki
  • this is an individual project
Possibly a few weeks(2-4)
  • I will need my sources for the project to get videos, I will need imovie and music.
  • I will look at other projects for help and ideas/inspiration. I can also ask people who have already done it in this class.
  • slow motion/quick motion
  • music/audio
  • find videos off youtube.
  • library card
Getting all of my resources especially library card.
It might fail if it ends up bad and i'm
bad at making them.(Conduct a pre-mortem)
Sharing/Teaching/Paying It Forward
  • I will post my video on my portfolio. And on youtube.
  • people who want to do this project can watch my video for ideas and inspiration.
If my video gets a lot of views, thumbs up, and good comments then I will know that I succeeded.
I can post my video on youtube (Demonstrate) I can have someone preview my video on the way.
(Look at the Thinkering Studio Rubric for some ideas or possibly Rubistar.)
Design your own rubric.
“What are you making?” “Why are you making this?” and “Who is it for?”