American teen is an album that made Khalid where he is today. Khalid is a 20 year old and he has made it so far. his first song that made the charts was location it stayed at the #1 spot for two weeks. he has a wide range of meaning to his songs. his songs ike 8teen are about him in high schools living his life and loving life. then locatatio is about a new relationship and him finding his way. Therapy is about his conscience. the songs have a wide variety for any mood which is really great. Khalid is a very talented person. he has a great sound. he knows how to put himself out there. he has been collaborating with a ton of other artists. the American then was his debut album. this album made him famous he is such a talented artists and has a long way ahead of him. he can relate to any age. overall the album was about his high school career as he graduated a short time ago. Khalid is a great roll model for everyone. as he becomes more and more famous he learns and will write more songs along the way. this album was a great album and had so much meaning behind it which made it even better. as he makes more Albums and grows I hope he never uses his vibe that he has now. overall. this album gets a 5 because I think it really deserves it from where he was before to where he is now. he really put his life into this album and really made it far in his life.