Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

shoe studio
i think a chalenge i would like to get at least 5 pairs of shoes sold until the end of the year
i will be challenged by having to get shoes dome quikly and sell them quikly
If they need to be purchased, include the price. i will use a website called create your own shoes cris recommended it to me because hes doing the same progect
Main Steps:
i will write down what proggres i made evry day for the rest of the year.
i dontave to do is create shoes and dising shoes and sell them and lett people buy them at stores think to long all the shoes i dising i will sell and i will m ake earalot of proggres throuout the reat of the y
chris and jack are experts if i need help i will just ask them for help.
dising your own cris recomended it to me!
i dont think any thing willbe difficult throu out the rest of the year i think i will do good throu out the rest of the year i will sell shoes and mabe own some i made.
i dont think anythin will be dificult for me in this progegt it sounds easy.
i dont have any otheres im working alone
i will learn from this progect if my job is going to be to be a shoe disinger then i will know how to do it next time i dising shoes if i do it for my job but i have other jobs planned