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Consturctor: Nathan
Documentor/Asssaiant Consturctor: Ammanuel

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May 19th
Friday: Today we didn't do much but work on the movie, because it was a very short class period
Thursday: Today we made the arm longer, so there can be more leverage
Wednesday: Today we continued working on the arm of the catapult, modifying anything if necessary.
Monday: Today were going to start the arm of the catapult, and resume it later if necessary.

May 13th
Friday: Today we are going to redo our prototype since we were informed that our old prototype is to uneven. The only way we can fix this problem is by redoing it, there-fore it we are forced to redo it if we want to finish this project. Also were going to work on editing our video and film our friday documentation clip.
Thursday: Today we collected all our materials together and look to get started on our project. We have our popsicle sticks, glue guns, etc and are ready to get working on the mini-prototype. We were also informed a little bit more about how we need to make a documentation video each week for this project, there-fore we are going to be working on our video throughout this project
Wednesday - Today we are going to continue planing out our project. Were hoping to make a draft/sketch for our mini prototype and showcase the sketch in a video. We were also informed about how we need to make a documentation video for our make project. We are going to start filming our weeks documentation video today, and hopefully we'll be all set.
Monday: Today were planing our project out, and how were going to pace ourself throughout the project. Were also thinking of how much we are going to or want to spend for this project, and where might be cheaper places for our materials for this project.