Project Title:
Basketball Highlight Reel
by: aaa6 and opo1, Adiev and Owen

"Final" Project

"Final" Project Reflection

  • I/We think...

    That we did a great job starting off for our project. During our project we were thinking we were doing a very good job on this certain project. towards the end of our project we were feeling very proud because we made the best highlight video we have yet even though we are not finished and we were super excited.we made a lot of good progress and we are going way, way faster then we did with our most previous highlight reel. we learned that we could take out certain parts of songs that also helps a lot. We are going to continue looking for songs and videos as best as we can to make our project better and go faster. I you need help with a certain part in your project then we think that certain youtube videos can be a big help to your project. I learned about myself that I am pretty resourceful because I like to make the most out of my materials, I use youtube and people that have this same project for resources. One strategy we used was to find videos first then organize and keep them organized. It made the process of building git much easier, it definitely helped.

Steps & Tips

  • First of all I highly recommend using iMovie. First You Have to make a title for your Project, then you are going to want to insert videos. second you have to find the video you want , if its the video you want then you have to copy the link. Go to this website , once your there change it to mp4 then paste your link where it says insert link or video then press the convert button. When its done click the green download button, then wait till its done downloading then drag it in where you want it in your iMovie. You can do the same for other videos, music, etc. When you want to put it on youtube you can either sign in with your google account or make a account. You want to press the grey/whitish upload button then click select files to upload. Make sure its on public so other people can see it. Pick your video and wait till its done uploading.

  • Use iMovie instead of movie maker,AAA6 post youtube guide upload help.png This is what the upload button will look like on youtube, aaa6opo1youtubeconverterpicture.pngThis is the website to covert youtube videos that you want to put into your video. You have to make sure you change the setting to mp4 not mp3 otherwise it won't work or not work as well.

Difficulties, F.A.I.L.s, & Reflections

  • One fail we had was Not making our project a movie so it wouldn't let us edit the lengths of the video and wouldn't let us add music.
  • We worked around by working hard and never giving up. Also we had to be patient because there were some parts where we had top wait. One more difficulty was finding videos that were not watermarks.