ZTM2's Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Project 1 (Gaming/Music Blog) Blogger link
    • I chose to do this project because, I am learning a to of new things about blogging and how it works. I have never used Blogger before and I have never now how to embed things. But, this project has taught me about both. In Blogger we are blogging about video games and music. So far we have blonde about Fortnite(game), Man's Not Hot(music), and Pixel Gun 3D(game). Ethan and I both know a lot about each of these games/music. We have started this project at the start of the quarter and we might go for another quarter.

  • Project 2 (ZTM2 FlipAnimation) FlipAnimation Proposal. Website/ Project Page
    • I chose this project because it is a good learning experience for me. I will learn a lot of new things and will have a good time while doing it. This project has a lot of cool features that I can still learn. One feature that I learned was the color wheel. With the color wheel, I can create thousands of new colors with it. This project has taught me a lot of things. I knew a little bit about animation because of the StikBots but, I have also, learned a lot of different things.

  • Project 3 (Stikbot Animation Project(Battle of the Best and Dance Battle) StikBot Animation ZTM2
    • The animation that I am using is called stop motion animation and what that is, I take a bunch of photos that make a video. The StikBots are the people or things that I make the movie on. I can make the StikBots battle (Battle of the Best) or make them dancing (Dance Battle). After, your done with taking all of the photos, you can add sound effects to make the animation even better. You can do a lot with StikBots and I think it's really cool how you can make an animation even as a kid. All of the features are really cool to like the green screen and I have learned so much doing this project and I can learn so much more. This is why I chose to do this project for the first quarter.

Top Reflections:

  • "Ethan and I finished are example blogs and have started our really blog. When we finished the example blogs, we didn’t know what to do, so we got some help from Mr. Whitmer He taught us how you can embed a google doc page into blogger. After we learned this, we can now keep on working or blogs on google doc (which is much easier than blogger). Also, if we change anything on the google doc it automatically changes the blogger post."
    • I chose this reflection because, it show that I had to learn some things before I could work on the project. This shows that I was learning new things making this project.
  • One thing I/we am/are curious about after today is ...

How do I make different colors on FlipAnimation? I do not know how to make different colors. There is a art pad that has a bunch of different colors on it a I believe that has something to do with it. I have still not figured out how to do it. But, next week I am going to find out. To figure out I will probably watch some youtube videos and ask other students.
    • I chose this reflection out of my other 4 because, It shows that I had to learn and figure out new things, with this new project. Some people not might think that I can find out new things, while still doing animation projects. I learned new things on the computer and it shows that in this reflection.
  • One big/important question I/we answered today was ... I/we answered it by ...
    I was wondering why my stikbots wouldn't show up, when I using the green screen. The only time that I could see them, was when the power on the screen was really low. When the power was low, it would get really blurry and the screen would start to glitch. But, I did some research and it turned out that you can only do the green screen, when you have soiled stikbots. I only have clear ones so I can't use the screen. I answered that question by looking through some stuff online. I always wondered why I couldn't get them to show up, but now I can.
    • Throughout everyones project they had to have 5 reflections and plans per quarter. Throughout the quarter I wrote all 5 reflections. I chose this reflection because it shows some rumbles I faced throughout the project. I learned because of this project, that the clear StikBots can not be seen with the green screen, that was one thing the I learned about the StikBots. I thought this reflection would show the audience what I learned throughout my project. I also, learned bout how to make a animation in general. This is why I chose to show this reflection.

Top Critiques:

  • "Maybe you can advertise your product more so more people would want to buy it. You could advertise in school throughout the hallways and in Whitmer's room. You could also, ask people to spread the word for you."
  • "Maybe to make your blog look better for conferences, you could add videos to your blog."

    • I chose this criticism, because it shows that I write good feedback.

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