ZRH1 Portfolio

Top Projects:

Watercolor project 2
    • We decided to paint some more with watercolors. When we wee doing this we learned many things. We learned how o control the paint and how to make the colors bad or pastel. We also learned how to make are pictures more realistic. We used different brushes and different textures to make our paintings more realistic. We also learned how to make sure are colors to spread everywhere and mixed with other colors. So we learned many things about watercolor this unit.
  • Watercolor
    • I choose this project because I wanted to learn about watercolor and learn how to paint with watercolors. I thought this would help become better at painting. I also thought it would help me become more creative. One thing I'm proud of is that some of the paintings we did were really good. also I'm proud that we actually improved on are skills in watercolor.
  • Cooking Tutorials dtj2 zrh1
    • I choose this Project because I thought it would be helpful in the future and that it would be fun. I thought it would be helpful because while making the tutorials we would also be learning how to cook and follow recipes. I also wanted to do this project because I would learn different things about editing videos. I would learn about editing videos by editing are own videos and over time we would get better and better at editing.

Top Reflections:

  • || When we spent a good amount time on are paintings. We didn't get distracted and not do are work. Instead we focused on are paintings and not get distracted by our peers. Not getting distracted helps us do a good job on are paintings. IT also helps us finish more paintings. We also kept track of the time so we could clean up on time. These are just some ways we demonstrated self-monitoring. ||
I choose this reflection because it shows that I know how to use my time wisely. Also it shows that we can focus on are work without getting distracted. This helps because then we get more paintings done. Also this reflection shows that we are responsible with are work time.

  • This week I/we took the proper time for the job when ...
    when we planned out what we where going to paint next. We also used are time wisely because we didn't waste any paper and we though out all are paintings. We also used are time well for when we would clean up. We would always stop a least 5 mins before class ended that way we could do a good job cleaning up. This is some ways we used proper time for a job.

    • I choose this because It shows that we were responsible. This reflection shows us that we can take care of are selves. It also shows awn what we can improve too. We could improve when we clean p and do a good job cleaning up. These are just some of the reasons I choose this reflection.

  • "One example of of our failure is focusing on editing are videos. We tried to edit the video of cooking over the video but we didn't know how to use iMovie a lot. To improve on are failure we can learn more about iMovie and discover new ways to make are video better.We could also try not talking to other people at our table.That way we wouldn't distracting anybody else and we would be focusing are selfs."
    • I choose this reflection because it shows that we recognize our failure. It also shows on how we would fix these failures and not keep making the mistakes.I
      also choose this because it reflects what kind of people we are. It shows that we are responsible and can recognize are failure and Come up with ideas to fix it. These are some reasons I choose this Reflection.

Top Critiques:

  • Maybe you could try to go somewhere to where people speak fluent Spanish or just find someone that does and try to have a conversation with them that way you would get some real life practice
I choose this because it gives this person an idea to take there project farther. Also this idea can improve there project and make it more interesting. This also helps them speak better Spanish.

    • I choose this critique because I thought it would be helpful. I thought if you promote your work other people would give feedback to them too and thy could then use that. Also with this feedback you could improve your work and make it better.
    • I thought this would help someone improve on there project. By noticing were they went wrong they can improve on that. Then over time they will keep improving and making there project better.

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