Top Projects:

  • Exploring Painting
    • I chose to put this project on my portfolio because it is still my favorite project of the year. I have learned a lot about painting from this project and I am very proud of all the pieces I have made. I also presented this project at the MakerFaire. I got a lot of people at my booth and I had Q-Tips out for people to paint a design of their own. I have continued making videos for every project I do and I am very comfortable with video editing. I have been adding music to the videos and special effects. Some things I have learned throughout the course of this project are organizing and patience. I have learned how to organize my materials better so that it takes less time to get out the materials and put away the materials. This gives me more time to do my project everyday. I have also learned a lot about patience. The project take longer to do than the other projects because painting take time. I also have to make a video for every project after I finish. It will usually take me 2-4 weeks to finish one project. This used to frustrate me but now I have learned that if I take my time it will turn out a lot better. I have really enjoyed doing this project for this half of the year. This is my last Top Project and my last week in Thinkering. I will miss this class a lot but I have learned so much and got to do so much I wouldn't have been able to do without it.
  • Exploring Painting
    • I chose to put this project in my top projects because it is my favorite project of the year. I have always been interested in and enjoyed painting but I have never had much of a chance to actually try it. I decided I wanted to try out painting but also incorporate something I am familiar with which is video making. I made these videos differently by using less video and more pictures to show how to make it so others can learn too. This was a learning project because I also learned how to edit my photos in GooglePhotos and how to put them into iMovie. I learned more about problem solving when I had a problem about how to transport the photos from the iPod to the computer. I started by just emailing them but it took a really long time. I then learned how to AirDrop photos from the iPod to the computer and I could do all the photos at once. This was an example of one of the ways I used problem solving in this project. I have also learned more about patience which you need a lot of when you are painting. I learned this when I was dot painting which is where you make a picture using just dots. This took a very long time but it was still fun and I was able to maintain patience. Overall this project was a big learning experience that I will be continuing next quarter till the end of the year.
  • Mission Possible Science Olympiad
    • I chose to put this project in my top projects because it was a really hard project. In this project I had to make a Rube Goldberg Box that uses simple machines to complete an easy task. I competed with this box in two competitions and got a 6th and a 8th place. This project has taught me A LOT about problem solving because when one of the devices stopped working, you had to either find a alternative, or find a way to fix it. An example of this was in one competition where our pulley wasn't working and we problem solved by finding away to lift the flag without the use of the pulley. Another thing I learned doing this project is patience. I had some devices that took a longer time to perform so it was really nerve racking when it was working because you didn't know if it would complete it's task. Another example of patience is waiting for glue to FULLY dry before using it. Lastly, I also learned about teamwork. I kept the machine at my house and worked on it in my free time so when my partner and I had to work together I was very nervous they would mess it up. What I did was go through the machine step by step and allow them to see how it should work and what needs to be done to make it work. Overall this project was a learning experience I will be continuing just not in Thinkering.
  • Exploring Chemistry
    • I chose to put this project in my portfolio because its the only project I have done yet this year and I have really enjoyed this project. I have learned a lot about chemistry and problem solving with this project. I have learned a lot on problem solving in this project because I have had to think of ways to use different materials during an experiment when the kit does not provide them and we don't have them in the classroom. For example, some of the experiments needed a screw top jar. Instead of using the screw top jar, I used the beaker with a lid that the kit provides. Some difficulties I have found this quarter are running out of time. This next quarter I need to plan out my time better so that I make sure I don't run out of time in the class period. I have not run into any difficulties with the website and I am very happy with what I have on it so far. I think I organized it very well and I am excited to try some new things next quarter. I want to work on when to take pictures and videos during experiments because I want to have visuals to go along with the instructions on the website. I am not sure if I should continue this project for another quarter or jump into another idea I have instead. If I do continue this project, I will only do it for one more quarter.
  • ZTC DIY's and Lifehacks Project
    • I chose to put this project in my portfolio because its the only project I've done this year, and it's been a really fun learning experience. This project has taught me a lot about a lot of different things. My group and I have defiantly learned about staying on task this quarter. We have had troubles staying focused at times and have been trying to make sure we get done what we need to do in the day. This has taught us to better use the time provided for what we need to get done rather than social hour. We have had some F.A.I.L.s along the way but they have taught us how to fix them. An example of this is when we accidentally deleted a video that we hadn't yet posted. We had to just move on and start on the next project so that we could stay on schedule. Thats another thing we have learned especially in the last quarter. We have made a schedule for ourselves to help us organize when we are doing stuff and who is bringing the materials. This shows a Growth Mindset. We have learned new things throughout the year with this project.
  • ZTC DIY's and Lifehacks Project
    • This project is really moving forward. In this project we make DIY's and we make videos of us doing them and post them to YouTube. This quarter we have really began to move forward doing harder projects, better editing, etc. We have been doing more challenging project including painting, hot glue, and glitter! We have also moved forward because we have been promoting the channel more and with each video we get more and more views! This last project we did was defiantly the best because we worked well and we didn't talk to anyone else and this was defiantly the hardest project. The next quarter for this project is going to be a real blast because we will be getting into some new DIY's that involve summer projects. We think it will be easier to get work done now that one of out partner is gone. We have been getting projects done faster and its easier to get materials.
  • ZTC DIY's and Lifehacks Project
    • I chose this project because it is my only project this year, and I think that we have learned a lot. This project is a series of DIYs that we have been doing together and posting to YouTube. We have learned a lot about teamwork and problem solving. We have to be dependable to bring in our stuff too. I think that this project has been really effective towards helping ourselves and others. We have defiantly been learning more skills and life things like how to cut and glue and make movies that look legit. We have been working on harder projects so that we can better more expand our skills. This project has been a good way to connect with each other and others.
  • ZTC DIY's and Lifehacks Project
    • The highlights of this project this quarter that I am proud of are the YouTube channel and videos. None of the people in our groups have ever done anything like this so we walked into this project knowing very little about video editing and YouTube. We have made a fun upbeat YouTube channel with cool backgrounds and fun text. We have also done an awesome job making our videos. We have figured out how to add text to the videos and bloopers and sound effects. We have had trouble figuring out how to add music to videos and will be experimenting more with iMovie and maybe other video editing softwares. Lastly, I am very proud of the teamwork we have had this quarter. We have had only some slight mishaps like is one of us forgets to bring the stuff we need for the DIY's or we get distracted. We will work on this next quarter so we can improve even more!
  • Piano and Singing Song Making
    • We have finished our two main songs and they can be found on the link above. We have had trouble figuring out how to convert it to m4a. The two songs we have recorded are Gotten and Broken Together. We are now trying to get some original songs recorded, but it probably won't be done by the last day of school. Our goal for the end of the year is to figure out how to convert our song and to learn a song and possibly record it. We have not made a band with Brennen and we might do that for the last couple of days of school but theres a good chance we won't.
  • Piano and Singing Song Making
    • We are coming along well. We have made so much progress and have decided what songs we really want to focus on. We have begun recording a little bit and we have gotten through a lot of obstacles. One of the songs we want to do is called Gotten. I love this song and I am learning it fast. On the piano I have learned most of the notes so it is easier to learn songs. We haves learned so much and we have even been thinking about making a band with Brennen. We think this would be so much fun and a great learning experience for us all.
  • Piano and Singing Song Making
    • I am learning fast. I have learned some more advanced songs like Pink Panther. Teresa and I are starting on recording each other so we can put together some songs. We have found many obstacles in our path such as technology problems and limited time, but we made it to the point to where we are using our time wisely and solving our problems so we can carry on the project. I am learning warm ups and finger exercises so i will be able to play songs more fluently without hesitation.
  • Piano and Singing Song Making
    • I am starting a new project with my partner Teresa. The project is a singing piano EP project. We are going to make 2 cover songs and 2 songs that are original. I am going to start learning piano. I am starting slow with songs like Mary Had a Little Lamb and Hot Crossed Buns. Its been really difficult getting the feel of the piano but I am starting to look at tutorials on Youtube and on CDs. I am starting to get the hang of the piano.
  • GarageBand Recording
    • I liked this project because it helped me learn how to make music. I t was really fun but it was sometimes confusing so it could be hard. I liked learning it because it helped me learn different types of music and it was really cool to hear all the overlapping instruments making totally different sounds, creating something remarkable.There are some other peoples projects on this page because we wanted to make a big Garage Band page for everyone.
  • Thinkering Studio Logo Design
    • This was a cool project because it taught me all the drafts that have to be made to make the perfect project. It taught me how to brainstorm and how to color correctly. It also toke a lot of patience to keep at it and it definitely challenged my creativity level. There are some other peoples projects on this because we decided it would be better and more neat if we put them on one whole page.
  • Animation Proclamation
    • I chose this project because it was frustrating. I t took a lot of patience to make all the animals and plants and make the video right and add effects. it also took a lot6 of team work. Mia and I didn't always think the same thing so it could get hard. Mia and I powered through and made a finished project.

Top Reflections:

  • "What is your end goal? Why is this your end goal?" -OWN PROMPT

    My end goal of this project is not to finish all the projects I have listed, but to pick some of the projects and take my time in making them to the best of my ability. This is my end goal because although I have never had a chance to do art, I have always admired art and I want to have the best product possible. I don't really know anymore if I want to present this for the MakerFair or my engage project.
    • I chose this reflection because it shows an example of me thinking about the quality and not the quantity. Something I have learned a lot about this quarter is that one amazing, beautiful project is better than ten rushed, lacking projects. This also shows me setting goals and planning out my project. I have learned a lot about doing art and I have had to start over a bunch of projects. Having to start over has frustrated me but when I do start over and make it look better than it did before, I am very happy. I like to compare the first drafts to the final drafts and see how much I improved. This shows me caring more about how well I have completed each project instead of how many projects I have done. This is an important life lesson and I am very happy with how my project turned out.
  • "What skills did you use that you already had?"

    This week I used some of the skills from past projects to help me. I made a iMovie and used some of the skills from my DIY project to help me. I incorporated music, pictures, and voice overs and made a very good video. I posted it to YouTube because I know how from past projects. I used my past skills to help me with this project.
    • I chose this reflection because it shows how I am using the past knowledge from past projects to learn more with my present projects. I have learned a lot about iMovie from my DIY channel and I am incorporating it into my Painting 101 channel. Even though I am using past knowledge, I am also learning more about iMovie as well. I have learned how to put photos into it and how to move he photos to where I want them. I have also learned more about making voice overs and adding music to the parts I want. I have been learning how to cut the music out when I am speaking and turn it up when I am not. This reflection shows how I have been using what I already know to learn more and grow more as I continue with my painting projects.
  • "What have you achieved that you are are proud of this quarter?" -own prompt

    This quarter I am very proud of the current mission possible device I have made. I have recently got it to work and it is much better then the first box. I have learned a lot about building the box and problem solving when something is not working. The current box has a lot more steps and takes a lot more time to complete which will gain us a lot more points then we earned before.
    • I chose this reflection because it shows my progress with this project. When I started the project I had almost nothing to go off of and I started building in my uncle's garage. We got some of the box done and we were off to our first competition. We earned a 6th place but we still had a lot of work to do. We found a lot of materials and then we fixed our box for the next competition. At this competition we earned a 8th place! I chose this reflection because it shows our journey and how we started small and now we have a working machine! I will be continuing this project but not in Thinkering Studio. I chose this prompt because I was really excited about how much we had done! This reflection was important because it shows how proud I was of all the hard work.
  • "One way I/we showed resourcefulness was ..."

    I used Mr. Emmi's lab for a difficult experiment. This showed resourcefulness because I knew ahead of time that the experiment could create bad fumes that would need a better ventilated room than a regular classroom has. I also showed resourcefulness by using two day to do the experiment instead of one because I needed more time then some of the easier experiments needed.
    • I chose this reflection for this quarter because I had took time to make sure I had Mr. Emmi's lab for this experiment so I wouldn't hurt anyone. I had to plan out when Mr. Emmi would be in his room for supervision. This means I also had to plan out what I would do on the days leading up to the experiment. I made sure I had work to do on the website so that I wasn't sitting around doing nothing a whole class period. This shows real planning and thoughtful time management so that it why I chose to put it as my top reflection for the quarter. The second part of this reflection also show thoughtfulness because instead of trying to fit the experiment into one class period, I chose to wait to do the experiment until next class which was really smart because I would have defiantly ran out of time had I done it in one day. This is another example of time management which was one of the skills I learned with this project.
  • "One example of a FAILure we had was ..."

    An example of a failure we had was I deleted the video before I posted it. The video itself was easy to make but we had other things to do that day so we couldn't re-tape it. We have decided to move on and have this DIY not be posted. We decided to do this because we want to have more time to try DIYs that we haven't yet done. We learned not to delete videos unless we are positive that we have already posted them.
    • I chose this reflection for the quarter because it was the first time I wrote about a F.A.I.L. I have had a couple of F.A.I.L.s this year and they have all been learning experiences for me throughout the project. This reflection shows that I am evaluating my mistakes and deciding what to do with them. This choice proved to be a smart one because we were able to do a different video for that week that turned out better than the other videos final product. We have decided to make sure to take it slower when deleting old projects so that we don't delete the new. This reflection shows me growing in responsibility for my actions and problem solving when I run into challanges.
  • "One way I/we demonstrated "self-monitoring" was ..."

    This week we got so much done. We did our project in the hallway and we didn't have a teacher watching us. We made really good time with our project finishing in time for Saint Patrick's Day. It went so well and it's the best DIY we have ever done.
    • I chose this reflection because it shows how we have grown with this project. We got a HUGE project done in perfect timing and it turned out amazing. We didn't without any supervision and we stuck to it and worked really well. It went great and we got the project done in time for Saint Patrick's Day! This shows how we have gone from not finishing project and the video to finishing both and having extra work time! I think this will continue to grow into quarter three and we will continue to improve and get better. Video editing has also been going very well but i want to learn how to transfer video from the iPad to the computer because it has a better iMovie. Overall we have improved greatly!

  • "Describe your progress towards your goalWe have been doing much better lately at getting projects done and it has been fun. We have defiantly grown in teamwork and compromising for example when we chose what projects to work on we always disagree and we have to find something everybody likes to
      • What strengths/weaknesses you noticed
      • Evidence of a Growth Mindset?
    • I think this is one of my best reflections because I am reflecting on how we have reached our goals. I have been learning more about goals and I think that this reflections shows how we have reached our goals. Now we have to expand out of our comfort zones more and become more and more accepting. Next quarter I want to defiantly add a twist too the project and make something more challenging like maybe adding a different software to use when editing our videos.
  • "One example of me/us not managing our time very well was...
    We got distracted and we talked a lot but next time we will work really hard to make up the time we lost." 10/16/15
    • I think this is one of my best reflections so far because it show that my friends and I were having trouble focusing BUT it also says that we will try to work harder next time. I think this is important because it shows we want to improve and get better. We have decided to try to keep more focused this next quarter to improve our skills as a group. As a individual I think that even though I wasn't managing our time the best I could, I can do better. This is my favorite reflection because it gets us started on thinking about the future classes and what we want to do better than we have done in the past.
  • "One way I/we showed resourcefulness was..." In the classroom next to us their were kids testing so we couldn't play in the hallway like we usually do. We showed resourcefulness by going outside to play do we would't disturb the testing.
    • I chose this reflection because it helps show what kind of people we are. This helps show how we solve problems that can't be avoided. This reflection helped me grow as a person because it was hard to find a new "spot" to sit and play music without disturbing anyone. We also needed a quiet spot to record our songs so the outside patio was a great place for us to come back to when we needed quiet. This reflection is one of my favorites because it helps show the determination to move along head of obstacles and push through our problems.
  • "One example where I/we thought ahead was ..." Teresa, Brennen, and I were thinking about maybe making a "band" together and adding in the drums through garage band. This sounds like it could be a new and fun learning experience for all of us.
    • I chose this reflection because I think it will definitely show what we have learned throughout the year if we actually make a band. I also think it would help us learn more about working together to make something amazing. This would also be so much fun and it would give us a chance to work on things out of our comfort zone. This could be a great opportunity for us all to learn more about music and different instruments too! I hope that we can actually do this because it will be so much fun and we would learn so much!
  • "I/We didn't get as far as I/we planned because..." I couldn't figure out what to do so when I did figure out I wanted to learn Riptide I didn't have ad much time to because eI used that time figuring out what I wanted to do.
    • I chose this reflection because it shows how I have grown from not being able to do what I want in the time given, to being able to finish everything I want to do with time to clean up. I also like this reflection because it shows one of the many obstacles we need to face. This reflection helps me make sure I am on task and getting my work done. This is important because we need to make sure we get done what we need to get done.
  • "What got in the way of your learning?" Originally Teresa and I's plan was her to do singing and me to do piano. Today we switched. So I didn't learn about the piano today and I didn't learn any songs. But I got to listen to the songs we are thinking about doing and I got to get the feel for the tunes of them. Next time I want to go back to using the piano though.
    • I chose this reflection because it shows some of the differences Teresa and I had and overcomes. I also like this because it gave me a chance to try something new. I have always liked music and singing, but I was shy. It was nice to try singing with other people around. This also gave me a chance to get the feel of the music.
  • "Today We learned how to make a istopmotion, and post it to imovie and make a garage band and post it to imovie and combined them together.."
    • I chose this because Mia and I learned so many tings in one day so that we could get started on our project the next day and begin making film so that we could make it with sound .
  • "I learned that you cannot just take your picture a drag them to your page. Something that went wrong but I figured out was that the other team was using the I pad. I figured it out by going to the media center and getting another i pad".
    • I chose this because it shows a problem were another team had to use the Ipad a lot so I couldn't use it at all. I learned to problem solve and fix my problems,
  • "Our next step is to flim. And we have started making a script which we will contine next class.."
    • I chose this because in this project we had to make a script for our characters. I hade a lot of trouble with this because of how slow it took and how the whole time we were just sitting at a table doing nothing fun. But I was proud of myself for doing so because if we didn't we would have had a lot of trouble with our movie.

Top Critiques:

  • I think when you do projects you should take pictures and video even if it doesn't work out right. You should do this so that you still document your progress even if it doesn't go as planned.
    • I chose this peer critique because it shows me helping Sam with his documenting. Sam was falling behind on his documenting and only documenting what was going well. I know from experience you need to talk about what is also going wrong. This is because you can document what is going wrong and then think of ways to fix what is going wrong and then when it goes right you can see how far you have grown. You also need to document you mistakes so you don't make the same mistakes again. This shows me using my past experiences and helping out someone else who is struggling.
  • I think you could try to tighten your loops and add a bigger drop so that your car can get all the way through the course.
    • I chose this peer critique because Sam was having trouble making his roller coaster make it over the loop and I was trying to help him and give him advice. I have some knowledge in building things from Science Olympiad and I have learned from that that you just need to try more things until you find out what works. I suggested making smaller loops to make it easier for the car to go down and adding a bigger drop so that coaster will have more momentum. Sam was a having problems because he had run out of track so he couldn't add more just take away. This is a good critique because it shows me using my own knowledge to try and help others learn and fix their problems.
  • I think if you get really good and understand what you are doing, you could make videos to teach others how to do the projects you are doing.
    • I chose this peer critique because it shows that I am helping this person out with the Teaching/Sharing part of our projects. This person hadn't started this part of their project yet so I gave them advice to what they could do. This shows me helping the person meet the requirements and helping them find out how. I have experience in making videos so I knew I would be able to help them if they took me advice. I also think this is a good idea because this person is really good at their project so it would be easy for them to teach others about it as well. This critique shows me pushing this person to do as good as they can with their project and to help other learn as well.
  • I think you should make sure as you are learning that you review what you have already learned because language builds on itself so forgetting the basics will make the harder phrases more difficult.
    • I chose this critique because it shows that I am thinking ahead and giving the person tips to remember as they learn the language. This critique is true for any language that someone is learning and it is important to review what you have already learned so that you don't forget the basics. I think this is really good advice to give to someone learning a language. I think this critique is important because it also shows I'm thinking into the future of the project and helping the person also picture what they will be doing later on with this project. I also chose this critique because my two other critiques were not as strong as this one. This critique is a PUSH because it shows I am pushing the person to keep on reviewing what they already know while learning the new words and phrases and the same time.
  • I think you should highlight the times that you use the moves that you taught on your tutorial in the one on one video.
    • I chose this critique because it is challenging for the receiver of the critique. This critique would be using different aspects of iMovie to make a more professional video that would be easier to understand. But to make this video, highlighting the moves that you used in the other tutorials, can be difficult and take some time to play around with. But I also leave a lot of room open for the editor to work with. I didn't specify how the highlight the certain move in their video. They could use text, slow-mo, different color, etc. to highlight the moves. I think this is a good critique because it provides a challenge while allowing for the editor to make their own decisions on what would work best in the video.
  • I think you should try to edit your videos in iMovie. This way you can add text, voice overs, and special effects
    • I chose this critique for my best one because I am suggesting for someone to try out a new software.This means I am helping someone make better and more professional videos. This also means I am suggesting for this person to try something new and go outside their comfort zone. This makes their project more of a challenge but they learn more from their project. The challenge will help them learn to try new things and get fancy with the different ways to edit videos. I have used iMovie a lot an this could also be a way for this person to learn something from another students in the class that regularly used the software.
  • Try to add more to your videos by having different people be your guests on your channel instead of just one person. Also try to experiment with iMovie to make your videos more entertaining to watch.
    • I think this is my best critique so far because it is advising someone to experiment with new things. This is telling people to take some risks and try new things. Plus this is expanding someones comfort zone and giving them a challenge. I think this is good because it make it harder and you will make more mistakes. This is good because you can problem solve and learn from you mistakes.

  • "I think you should try to make a game with a maze that you have to get through since you already know a bit about making a maze shape with the blocks."
    • This quarter my critiques have been a little weak but I will work on that next quarter! This critique is my favorite because it acknowledges that the other person could use some of their skills they have learned from earlier on in the year to make something else. It would also help them learn more about that certain skill and get them more used to it. I also am proud of the way I have been writing my critiques. I have been writing them nicely but getting my point across.

All Projects: