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  • Lego Stop Motion Project
    • I learned from this experience because it showed me the difficult but fun level of filming. I learned that not everything goes as planed and you have improvise. This will help me later in life if I take classes in video arts or anything to do with filming. It is also fun to build the legos and make them move.
  • Matt and Zach's Lego build
    • I learned how to use Lego NXT for the first time. Me and Matt had so much fun doing the project. I increased my Lego building skill. this project gave me the idea that i might want to become an architect. I learned if something is working right improvise and fix it.
  • Zachary's programing project
    • I chose my project because it seem like a fun thing to do. and it is fun right now i am doing move the turtle. Move the turtle is game where you type in a command then you press play and the turtle does your command. in the future i will play a game called cargo bot. after that i will play something on the computer called java script which can be very difficult.
  • Zach's Sim City Project
    • I chose this project because i like Sim city and it seemed fun. Sim city is a game where you are pretty much a god of a city and you build it from nothing. you have to build things for Sims to move in like houses and water pipes. this project is teaching me how to be an architect because im planing out a city. The point of the game is to have a lot of money and people.

Top Reflections:

  • Today we used i stop motion and made sample movies. we also played around with i stop motion to get a better understanding for it.
    • It explained perfectly what i did that day. it is a very detailed response. it took care and effort. it got to the point with out leaving any thing out. it explained how i used my time.
  • i fixed the back wheel on the nxt so that is doesn't drag anymore. before the wheel hardly touched the ground. now it drives smoothly"
    • its a perfect flash back of the day. it showed detail and effort. I took my time on it. it didn't leave any thing out but it got to the point. it explained how i used my time.
  • One way I/we showed resilience was ... when the clap on clap off wasn't working but i kept on trying. today i deiced to rap up the nxt project. we never got clap on clap off to work completely. It would clap on but not clap off.
    • the critique is sharp and gets to the point. but is explains every thing perfectly. and it doesn't go on and on. i explained how i used my time.

  • I/We think i worked hard on my project because i got very far in Sim city. i had a problem when i saved my computer froze and i lost all my work i had done that day. but i kept working and got back where i was. my city has about 32000 people.
    • the critique is good because it tells what i did that day perfectly. it gets to the point. it talks about my problems and how i fixed them. it explained how i used my time

Top Critiques

  • The pictures were great but there were not enough try posting more pictures.
    • i thought the critique was good because it showed detail and gave a suggestion for what the person should do
  • This critique needed more detail. It didn't explain enough. I wish i had said try posting pictures of nature.
    • this critique looks good to me because it shows effort and constructive criticism.
  • I think you should do more than just shirts. and what kinds of prints will be on the shirts. you should try doing different colors of shirts.
    • this critique is good because it gives the other person a good idea.
  • The video was very well produced but one highlight played twice, what you could do is delete the extra highlight so the viewer doesn't see the same clip twice.
    • This critique is good because it explains an error in the video and how to fix and why they should fix it.

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