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Top Projects:

  • project 4 Trick Shots
    • sports trick shots was very fun because at the beginning we watched dude perfect and got trick shot ideas from them. we then filmed trick shots and put it into iMovie. we put funny voices on some of us. we uploaded them from google drive onto imovie. it was a very fun project!
  • Project 3 Crayon art
    • i liked this project because it was fun watching the crayons melt and glueing them to the board. it was also fun learning how too use the heater and hair dryer. our final product was really good it looks really cool. we also put our namesd in crayons at the bottom. we got our matirials from jp and mrs husband.
  • Project 2 LED Throwies
    • This project was very fun because we had to get the materials.it took a while to make the led throwies it took us a while to find the right led light so we tried with a different light and it kinda worked it lit up a little but we said that was a fail. at first we were going to make a paddle boat but we said that was to hard to make. we also couldn't find any instructions.
    • i think this was a awesome project because it teaches you engennering. it also tought you about what you need to power lights. we wish these would have worked so we could put them in our rooms.
  • Project 1 paper airplanes
    • i think this project was very fun because i love paper airplanes. we tested how far they flew and if they were gliders or darts. our furthest plane flew 45 feet.

Top Reflections:

  • we/i had fun
    • we made our led throwies today we didn't get them to work because the magnets were too small and we didn't get the right lights. i chose this prompt because i had fun
      • We/i had fun
    • we did 6 trickshots and we got google drive so we can upload it. i chose this prompt because i had a lot of fun
      • i chose this one because it tells you how we did on the project. This was very fun because we can use the led throwies daily and i like to make stuff we can use. its also kind of engineering and i like to do engineering stuff. it was also fun because we had to communicate and i like projectas like that. i also liked my partner because we did lots of work we finished our project it looks really cool. i chose this project because i thought that me and my partner did very good. we worked hard and had fun.

Top Critiques:

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