ZDL1 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Scratch
    • This project right here is called Scratch. Scratch is a program where people code. You can make games, videos, and remixes. In Scratch they have this thing called studios. Studios are these things where you could put projects in. And on top they have two buttons that say add project and add studio. In scratch they have these things called costumes. In scratch you could create or get one from the library. I say that scratch is really more challenging
  • stop motion
    • I chose this project because its so cool and you get to look like that its moving. And you could also use what ever you want for example like lego or action figures . You could also download an app called stick bot. Stick bot is an stop motion app and plus, they have their own kit. Inside the kit is a stage, a phone holder ( in case you downloaded the app) and two stick bots. The coolest part is that you could post the video on YouTube so other people could see it.
  • Scratch
    • Scratch is a coding website where you could chose what movement or color you can choose. You could make your sprite dance and change costumes. The costumes could pose your sprite for example a superhero. And make your sprite feel for example angry or sad by using costumes. Also you could make the two sprite fight by using costumes.
  • Gamestar mechanic
    • We liked this project because you can make levels and you can make as many levels as you want.what made it intresting is that you can get more sprites from quest and from challenges. Its sorta like scratch except its much easier. The sprite your playing is called an avatar. Avatars have different abilities like shooting, running fast, and jumping high.

Top Reflections:

  • Meta Reflection
  • My/Our goals for this project are...
    • This is my best reflection because it asks me what my goals are.
    • Being talented on gamestar mechanic and also getting more sprites ive never played of.
  • I / We think...
    • We liked this reflection because it reminds me of gamestar mechanic and how I learned it.
  • My/Our next step will be...
      • I liked this reflection because it allows me to type all of my next steps to do. And I also liked this reflection so that I would know what the next steps would be. I also like this reflection because it will also tell what my other next step would be. One of the other reasons I liked this reflection is because that you can type all of your things and works in there. The final reason I liked this reflection is because that you can even type your final touches on it.

Top Critiques:

  • "And that I think you can probably make other projects like that like a cat."
    • I highlighted this Critique because it gives them more ideas for there project next time

All Projects: