ymm1 Portfolio

Stop Motion Animation Video - For this project we decided to learn how to use iMovie on the macbook pro. When we finally mastered iMovie we thought we should show what we learned by making a video. Katie (my partner) and I thought of which topic we should make the video about and we decided to make it about all of our favorite stop motion videos. Throughout making this video we learned how to put in title screens, add pictures using iPhoto, and much more.

iMovie for MacBook - This was a project I did where I made a wiki page about how to use iMovie for the MacBook. I shared all of my thoughts and directions on how to use iMovie and I learned how to use the wiki better.

Cheese Cake - For this project my partner Katie and I decided that we wanted to learn how to bake cheesecake. Since we had to do this in school we could not use an oven. We went on YouTube and found a great video that explained how to do so. We came to class the next day with all of the items necessary to make our cheesecake. As we were making the cheesecake something bad happened... The food processer let out a big electric shock! Thankfully nobody was hurt. We went to the cafeteria and got a new food processer and began to make the cheesecake once again. When we finished blending the ingredients it did not turn out as expected. It was not creamy like it was supposed to be... It was like soup. Then when we went to open up our pie crust for the cheesecake it was all broken up in pieces. Katie and I decided to take a negative problem and make the best out of it. We each took a piece of the broken pie crust, dipped it in our "Cheese Cake Soup", and ate it. It was delicious.

- This is my most recent project. I have been working on this for a very long time in order for it to be as good as it can be. At first I had a difficult time coming up with ideas for the animation. After a while I came up with many ideas. Every now and then I would get stuck as to what the next animation would be about be but I continued to work on my animation. When I finished my animation it turned out to be very long, colorful, and full of good quality.