Thinkering Studio Project

water marble nails.jpg
this is what the final peice will look like but we will be useing diffrent colors

1st time:
Hannah: Hand Model
Kasey: Videoagrapher
Genevieve: Person who does the nails

2nd Time:
Kasey:Hand model
Hannah: The person who does the nails
Genevieve: Videoagrapher

3rd Time:
Kasey: person who does the nails
Hannah: Videoagrapher
Genevieve: Hand Model

Water Marbler Nails
Kasey, Hannah, and Genevieve
Using nail polish to create water marble nails.
We will be challenged because we have never done this before so we don't know what to expect or what nail polish to use. We expect to learn what nail polish does not work with trying to make your nails look like a marble. This will help in the long run with learning how to do a water marble nail design.
  • Glitter nail polish,Ulta and maybelline
  • wet and wild nail polish.
  • nail polish remover
  • quitips
  • a cup and toothpicks.
  • Kasey Hannah and Genevieve will bring the nail polish and Kasey will bring the cup and toothpicks Hannah will bring the cottonballs and Genevieve will bring nail polish remover.We have all of the materials and do not need to buy any.+
Main Steps:
  • Watch video
  • Find other videos
  • Polish Hannah's nails. Kasey will be the filmer, and Genievive will be the person who does Hannahs nails.
  • For the next time Kasey will be the hand model, Genevieve will be the videoograhper, and Hannah will be the person who does Kasey's nails.
  • No steps for editing your video?
  • No steps for sharing/publishing your video?
This project will probley take us 2-3 days.
  • We have a video on you tube called cute polish.
  • People in thinkering studio have done nail polish we know known for sure but we don't know if anyone has done water marble.
  • ANy of your parents good at polishing nails?
  • What about interviewing a person who does nails for a job?
I think that it would be difficult to pick the right nail polish
You can think of more. Add them here as you work.
we are making a video on water marble nails and are main audience is mostly girls.
Where will you post your video?
We will know that our project was sucseeded that our nails look like the design of water marble nails.We will know if we did well if we get a good grade and accomplish our design.It will be visible if we document it well on our page.For example if we get a good grade and show to make water marble nails.We will post pictures of all the steps and document them.