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  • Eamon and Will's lego mindstorms page
    • I chose this project, because I am very proud of what Eamon and I achieved. We figured out how to do a lot of new things that we did not know how to do before. We were able to build our first robot, mess around with it, programming it, then move on the bigger things. We got it programmed well enough, too go around an obstacle course, and even go over a ramp! We have worked extremely hard to get this done. As in staying on task and working together. In total, this is our best (and only) project we have. And it is a very good project.
  • Eamon and Will's Highlight Reel page
    • Even though this is still a work in progress, and is at the beginning of the project, we are making great progress. We have been getting a lot done, and should have a video out decently soon. This project involves a lot of technology and learning too. We have to use iMovie to edit, and that helps us learn. And, we are always on a computer, and using technology. This is a very "techy" project.
  • Eamon and Will's Highlight Reels P2
    • I have Chosen this project for many reasons. One of the main reasons is because of how hard we have worked very hard. From finding all the clips, to now finding the music and putting it in, we always work hard and try to get a lot done. Also, how far we have come. We didn't think we would be able to make it this far, to the point of almost finishing, but we are here. Finally, because of all the challenges we have faced. We didn't know how to do a lot of things in this project. Such as how to get the music and clips we needed. But we overcame those obstacles. We also didn't know how to do things such as crop or add lighting, but we figured out how.

  • http://clashofclansanswers.blogspot.com
    • I chose this project for a few reasons. The first of the reasons is because of the hard work we put in to this. We worked for a lot of time in class, and also a bit at home. We also had a few setbacks, such as having to make other posts, that did not relate to our blog, and the usual distractions in class. We were able to overcome these challenges, and get a lot of work done. We maintained our goal to make 1-3 blogs a week, and on important subjects too. I am proud that we were able to keep on this schedule for making posts on our blog, and of all the work we were able to get done.

Top Reflections:

  • My/Our next step will be...
    our next step is to program the robot to do cooler things. We got the disc program onto the computer. It took a while to download, so we watched some cool videos, and got some ideas on what we can do next. (What to program it to do.) After a while of thinking, (and a whole lot of programming) we got it to do an obstacle course! We had a lot of troubles on how to program it, but we got it to go around an obstacle course, and we even have a video on it. We feel like we have a lot done this week.

    • That reflection was my favorite, because it was the first major thing we did. We were able to get our robot to do an obstacle course, and this was the VERY first video we did too. We had a lot of programming to do too, and that was a huge breakthrough for us. (As this was our first programmed robot.) We felt very achieved after we did this, and were very happy. This is also my favorite reflection, because i felt that I wrote (not just a lot), but i wrote very well, and wrote what happened. This is my favorite reflection that I have, by far.

  • "We think... That we are wrapping up on our NXT project. On Tuesday, we got our touch sensor done, and a video recorded. And today, got a picture of our final touch senor NXT, and then we made a sound sensor robot in a short period of time, and got a video of it doing what it can do. Going forward, and then we clap, and then it stops. Next week we want to start on a new project, such as a highlight reel, or something sports related.
    Coding for sound sensor.JPG
    Coding for sound sensor.JPG

    • I chose this, because it was a very important day for us. It was important because we were wrapping up on our NXT robot project. Something that we had worked very hard on, and accomplished a LOT. Also, because we did not feel like there was a whole lot more for us to do on the NXT project. It was a very hard decision for us too make too, because it was a good project we had, and we were going to just forget about it all. So, we had think about this a little bit, to decide if we wanted to start a new project. But we did end up deciding to move on from our old project, to a new one.

  • We came farther than we though we would have because we got a couple of clips and not just one. It seems like we got very far today. Also, we are about 1/2 done with our project now. All we have left is to get a few more clips, and put music and effects in.

    • I chose this for one main reason. On the day I did this reflection, i felt very accomplished. As you can read, we were about 1/2 of the way done. We never thought we would make it this far. Also, because i knew we had worked hard that day, getting multiple clips instead of just one.

  • We were able to get 2 tips done this week, and we are very proud of this. We worked well and got a lot done.
    • I chose this reflection, because we got TWO tips done that week, and we were proud of that. Also, because in that week, we were not very distracted, and worked very well.

Top Critiques:
  • I thought it was good, and It was interesting, but I think that you could have done a video on how to do a hairstyle, or a montage on the hairstyles before, and after. In conclusion, i think that you could've done a video or 2. (Even if Mr. Whitmer was loud.)
    • I liked this critique i did, because i felt like I gave a lot of advice and said a lot of things that they could have done, such as videos. I felt like I was very helpful in that critique comment.

  • HI. I think you could have added more to your castle besides the few things that you had in it. I think you could have a feast area etc. But I thought it was good overall
    • I really like this critique I did. I felt like I gave advice that could add a big part to his project. His castle was boring, so more in the castle would have been cool. I felt like I gave constructive criticism, and I wasn't too rude.

  • I like your idea for this project, but what are you going to do different from other projects similar, and what will you use to make this highlight reel?
    • I liked this critique, because I felt like I asked a lot of good questions he could answer, and helped him a lot. One of the ways, is by asking "what will you do to make your project different." I think this will help him get his project approved, or at least if he answers it and puts it into hisproposal.

  • I thought that the basketball highlight reel was very good, and I could see you put a lot of time into it with all the music and the highlights. I also liked it because you posted it to YouTube. I think that you maybe could have told us what you used to make the video. Otherwise, it was very good.
    • This one I liked too, because I think I was kind, but also helpful. I feel like I gave encouragement to help him work to make his project better.

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