wrh1 journal
  • I ventured away from Nic and Jacob and started making videos on my own. They are quite scary but there are funny and original. Have been making them for about all quarter.
Giggles and Skitts
  • Nic, Jacob and I are creating skitts for fun. We will be using iMovie to edit. I already started our first script for the skit "Don't Touch My Computer". We chose this project because it sounded fun and productive. I hope this project will last us the rest of the year

  • Nic, Domo, Jacob and I are creating a game with the help of Merritt as our programer. We chose this project so we could we could get better at programing and time management. Our game is about a giant worm called Worme and a gremlin like leprechaun named Poopanoose that uses human discharge as his primary weapon. A few other enemies are Missing Entity and Wormanoose, the final boss in the game. We also plan to make it PvP with about 15 people in each lobby. The game is going to take a while to make, so for now, i'm going to make advertisements and sounds for our game.

Video Editing+Pixlemator
  • I am creating pictures on Pixlemator and tying them in with Youtube by making channel art, thumbnails and profile pictures. I chose this project because I was interested in Youtube and Photoshtop so I thought I would put them together. I am practicing both of these things at home.

  • I chose this project because i thought it would me much more challenging than Minecraft. Tekkit is a large Minecraft mod pack that can be downloaded as a different launcher than Minecraft. I adds a ton of mods (over 100) into Minecraft without having to manually download the mods individually.

  • I chose this because it was recommended by a friend. I started at home and discovered Merritt's secret love of minecraft and started playing with him.
Minecraft is a game where you use resources around you too make other things. for example, you can turn wood into wooden planks(which is much prettier). It is a very complicated game that takes a while to get into. It is a game that I play as much as I can to make even more projects. I think it is a very fun game that you should try to get into!

  • I liked it a lot and did a TON of projects with it. Scratch is a program that lets you create and program things to do different things. For example, you can program a kitten to walk around and do a ton of stuff. I like to make things spin and change colors really fast. it is super easy and easy to get into!

  • iCivic is a government simulation that helps with learning government. It is kinda challenging but nothing i can't handle.

  • I won the competition against Jacob at making the trailer. I'm going to upload it to youtube.
What did you learn about your topic/tool? I learned how long it takes to make a 9 second video on I movie.
    • I chose this because its my longest reflection I have. I also chose this because it shows that I'm actually working on the project

  • We have the food covered and don't need any more. We also covered armor and weapons. we also are trying to mine out diamonds.
    • I chose this because it shows that we are progressing in our project. I also chose this because it shows that we are doing something and have a goal.

  • I am trying to collect lots of wood, stone and ore. I made a home out of stone and wood. Merritt is trying to dye all the sheep's in minecraft orange.
    • I chose this because it shows our progress and how far we went in such little time.

  • Yesterday Nick invited me to help build a server. We started with me and Lucas building Herobriens castle. Then started another one and Lucas built an ice castle and I built Herobrines abandoned castle and filled it with endermen and loot.
    • I chose this because it shows how much I switch projects and how easy it is to find one.

  • We can't do minecraft anymore because we aren't getting enough work done in it. What strategies will be useful? Lucas and I will be playing Portal so we watched a YouTube to know what it's about. Judging from the review, I think we should start to think about what to do in the game. It is a very odd game and hard to understand it from the short video i saw. It seems like a huge game that will take us the rest of the year to complete.
    • I chose this one because it's the longest reflection.
  • Jacob made me a new channel banner with a lizard in it. I also put in a intro to my channel video on my home page. I finally put together a GTA 5 playlist where I can put future GTA 5 videos. I/We learned that it is very difficult to frame things and should plan ahead in the future

Top Critique

  • You should upload your pictures to the wiki. You should also start to put these out on Reddit.
    • I chose this because its my longest critique. I also chose this because its my best one.

  • Whenever you have a new idea that you feel others should know, post it to your project page.
    Some examples are buildings, people to add to your project and more.

  • I think you should post more of your pictures and have some sort of description for your photos.
    I think that you should post all of your photos in some sort of timeline kind of thing
  • I think you should have already done more videos because it has been about 7 weeks and you said that you would do 1-2 videos a week. Pretty much everything else is fine.