WMH2 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Coke Bottle Rocket Project
    • During this year I have been working on three project but for this reflection I have chose my Soda Bottle Rocket Project. This project was about trying to figure out how to make the best chemical reaction between Coca-Cola and Mentos. My partner Owen and I have really enjoyed the test runs of this project. We haven't gotten the rocket to work yet and it has been really frustrating for us but we will try again when the snow melts. I feel that this project has really taught me about perseverance because of all the failed test runs. This characteristic is important for Thinkering and can help me throughout my life.

  • NOM NOM App Reviews.
    • This Quarter I have been working with Apps. My partners and I have been writing game reviews, we have really learned a lot about grammar in this project because we have had to prefect our reviews many times before putting them anywhere in the App Store. I have learned many things from this project like friendship and many more things but most of all I have learned Hard Work. While doing this we have practiced claim and evidence writing and that will help us with our projects in LA. WE have done a lot to make this project successful and have brought me and my partners closer as friends.
  • Madden 15/ Nba2k15
    • After the coke bottle rocket project we have been waiting for the snow to melt. During this time Owen and I have been watching Madden videos so we can make a great MyCarrer and MUT Team and make tutorials for people looking to make great Players and teams. We have been doing this for a while and we have been using a you-tuber called Chris Smoove he has given us lots of tips and tricks and soon we can start making our tutorials. We hope to make our own you-tube channel and get some subscribers. This project will continue and maybe even past when the snow melts we have really enjoyed this project.
  • Civilization V Tips and Tricks
    • This project has been one of the best projects i've worked on all year. It has been eye opening because it has stretched my computer skills because I have had to use new programs with difficult mechanics. Owen and I have loved getting to see what it is like to control a whole country/empire. We were controlling Egypt and have came a long way from an empire with 1 city to an empire that is studying modern day technologies and controlling the world. This has been my favorite projects because of the computer skills I have learned and it has helped my team working skills.

Top Reflections:

  • I/We didn't get as far as I/we planned because...
    We didn't get as far as we planned because Mr. Hill wasn't in the office to see us. We want to talk with him as soon as possible. This will allow us to shoot the rocket once we get his approval and any thing else he wants us to do for safety precautions.
    • I chose this response because it was a very well carried out response. The fact that we wanted to start shoot the rockets off the next day but then had to wait for 2 more days until we got Mr. Hill. This day was very challenging because we didn't have anything else to do and we had to stay on topic so we had a short little project to work on. I also chose this project because it was one of the most detailed response and it was a very hard day to get through and not get off task.
  • I / We think...
    Today we got our reviews done with good time to test NFL kicker more. Our next steps will be too combine all of our reviews into one big review. We will also post to the app store.
    • I chose this response because this was one of our last responses on this project because we started to finish things up after this point. During this response we were testing out our next App for our next review. I also chose this because we had really tried to explain our plan to try to finish up this project so we could get started on my next idea Coke Rocket with Mentos. I really think this response also shows how much I have gotten better at them because at first they were very hard.
  • I/We think...
    That if we can do the madden on Xbox one we can record the game play and then play the game play on the video and do voice over on it. If so then we can put our videos on YouTube and get some subscribers. This is the biggest goal for this project if it works it will turn out great.
    • I chose this response because it really brings out our problem solving. We had an issue because we didn't know how to get the gameplay onto YouTube so we put our heads together and came up with this solution. This was one of the best response I ever made because of how I showed that if I really take 5 minutes I an problem solve and write a serious thought. If this works I will be happy of how can do teamwork and problem solve.
  • I/We think...
    That we got very far because we got Germany the country that we were at war with to surrender to us. We also got him to give us lots of things for our peace. This was just what we needed.
    • I chose this reflection because it shows how far we have came in just a few week of playing. We started out with no cities and built our way up to be a contender in a war against a very powerful army in Germany. This shows that we can progress very fast and it shows that we are very fast learners. I feel like this reflection shows the best of how Owen and I have good working attitudes because were were focused most of the time and came very far because of it. That is why I chose this reflection.

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