WJC2'S Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Wjc2 Robot Rampage Project
    • This project I have been working on the entire year. It is very fun, right now the project has shifted from a robot craziness into Maze Bots. It is still along the same lines as the last one but we are doing more advanced things. I think that I have learned a lot about distance and a lot of the other aspects of the maze. Although my robot cannot repeatedly solve the maze, it has a few times (3) and that is enough for me. I never thought as myself as a tech guy but I did learn quite a bit of tech knowledge with this project. I think this project was amazing and if I had this class next year I would continue working with it because it is just that fun and amazing. I really love this project and am going to miss it when I leave this school next year. Should I get my own kit?
  • Wjc2 Robot Rampage Project
    • This project I have been working on all year, and I think it has run its course, but this project did have a lot of highlights. Like when charlie and Ryan joined my team. Or when I just could not complete my Gyro boy. But now its all over, but it is clearly the best project I have done so far, this project had everything, group work, frustration, failures, and most of all successes. Our Robot Olympics were enjoyable and very close competition, but it ended with Ryan in first, Me in second, and Charlie in third. I would have thought that I would have easily won because I was working with it for a whole other quarter. I loved this project, and I could continue it, but it would just be me building devices that do fun and silly tasks. I still am not 100% on continuing or resign from my project. This was my best project that I have done up to this point, I hope in High school I will do some better projects.
  • Gamestar Mechanic Portfolio WJC2 2015
    • I think this project is the best project iv'e done because it started as something really small, but ended up including my friend Charlie, and a Premium membership (and it is my first project so I have "low"standards). This project was actually very hard even though it seems like I was playing Video Games the whole time, I was actually learning. It was hard when building. because it was so hard to get a balance of easy enough so people don't rage and hard enough so people don't just fly through it.I wasn't only learning strategy's for making my levels but I was also starting to learn how they code these games by studying them. That is why this project was exciting for me. "Small things can become big, with a flip of a switch" : Elvis Presley.
  • Dcg3 & Wjc2 Sim City Challenge (David and William) 2016
    • this project is what i think to be the best project i have ever worked on, and that it will become the most fun too. Our Sim City challenge isn't very far along. But even just starting this I know where this project is going to. So we can be prepared to go to each new place in our project. Why this project is going to be such a success is we have a great plan going in. And we think it is just amazing that this project could work out this well. because we will actually learn how to build a city that could be a true success.
  • WJC2 Youtube Challenge 2016
    • I chose to highlight my YouTube challenge because there is so much I can do with it. I might be able to change my channels focus if gaming doesn't work. I also now have an excuse to game at home (it isn't important but it is pretty cool). I can edit my videos and mess around with what I want to do (Do Not Laugh, Pvp Extrodinare, or many other games that I can play and upload to my channel). I can even look at other YouTube channels and see what made them popular, and that is just why i think this project will work so well, oh and because it is my third project and I really don't have anything else to put on here. Also I think so far even though I have only been working at home I have learned a lot about how to edit videos and how to voice over things. I also learned how to be a "leader" because I am one of the leader of a really big Clan in one of the games I have been recording, and it is just difficult to keep all these crazy people happy and kick the Hacking/Swearing people. So overall I think this project might last till the end (unlike the other ones).
  • WJC2 Scratch&Python Coding Challenge
    • I choose to highlight this coding project because this is the most fun project iv'e done yet. I mean Gamestar mechanic was kind of this but a lot simpler and in my opinion lamer. I also choose this because it is easy to show my work, its easy to solve problems because you can just undo whatever you did wrong, and finally it is just my favorite overall. Yet what I think is the most important part about this project is, the opportunity. There are just so many things that are possible in this project. Like, sports games, action games, plat former games, and even not games. That is why this is my new best project.
  • Wjc2 Robot Rampage Project
    • I chose to highlight this project because it is first of all the only one I have worked on this quarter. Then, secondly it is a very cool project that is hard. This project is all about building a model robot and coding it so it can fight like the robots in robot rampage battles arena like on TV. But, to do this I have to build an easier version of my robot, like on that has a model and instruction set. That's is why I am first building the robot Gyro Boy, it is my first robot model, & it is going to be awesome because it stands on 2 wheels and adjusts itself to stay up with the coding. I think this project is seriously going to be my biggest project yet because I am already on the 2nd Quarter and I haven't yet finished even building the Gyro Boy, let alone coding it. I haven't even started planning my real project robot nor is my project becoming boring, so for all these reasons, Robot rampage is going to be awesome.
  • Wjc2 Robot Rampage Project
    • I chose to highlight this project for a lot of reasons, though my main reason is because it is the only one I have done this quarter. The Robot Rampage project has shifted from working on the Gyro Boy to working on the Robot Olympics. That is where we have competitions with Ryan, Charlie and my robots and 1st gets 3 points, 2nd gets 2 points and 3rd gets 1 point. Another reason I chose this is because unlike all my other projects this one has variability with what I can do, and I work with people which is a aspect I enjoy. We are already 1/2 way done with the year and we have only just started. This project has more potential than any other one so it is my number one project.
Top Reflections:
  • My wonderings led me to... confusion. I was highly confused by my robot's coding. I looked at another kid's code to get an idea how it works, but I don't really understand it. I think I might be able to make it simpler if I know the maze layout, but I was not able to get it this week. I hope next week I can start to understand the code and hopefully make some progress. I think I can do it, but I have to do it in my own way and expand his code.
    • This reflection was the best reflection this quarter because I talked about what I did. Most of my other reflection I just said I need to do this better and didn't really explain what it was. But, now I am ready to make my robot better, which was what I ended up doing. It was very nice that I was calm enough not to be pissed that nothing really worked this week. It was good because I was hopeful. It was overall a good reflection.
  • I/We were effective/ineffective because ... the project didn't end up to be testable. We couldn't test the different pick up because we couldn't agree. So this week was kind of a waste. We decided that this project was just no contest. No one won, and no one lost. But, that mean I am still in the lead. I learned about how to adjust stuff on my hand. This week was just us building a bit more of the hand bot and testing and subsequently failing.
    • This reflection was very good because I focused on my failures. Failures are usually a tough subject for me because I have a need to look and feel smart. So to really examine myself and point out all of my failures for this project it was hard for me. My reflection also included what I learned which most don't and it included that I was still in the lead at that point.
  • "Today I had "hard fun" when I got lost in a level but I got through it. I loved it so much even though i had difficulties. It was like a party. I believe that I have seriously improved in Gamestar Mechanic so once I finish these seemingly endless levels I can complete my project easily. Yes I can."
    • I believe this was my best reflection, not only because it was one of the 2 of my reflections that had a prompt, but it really went in depth about my project. Also because my 2nd Reflection didn't have a very good ending, while this one does. One more thing that made me put it here is that it's colored, to show whats the most important part. Overall this is no doubt my best reflection
  • How could I/we make it better? More interesting? We could make this project better in many many ways. We could, take over a neighboring city for excitement. We should have kept the landfills away from the park because now we can't remove them. Also we should have created a waste Factory that transports waste to other cities so they will be weaker and we will be stronger. Overall today we just built the city so people will stop complaining. Even though it wasn't the smartest thing to do because our city's allowance took a bit hit now it is hard to keep up with garbage, water and energy. TYPE 3 (What we should have done)
    • I think this is my new best reflection. Because it is actually showing what i should have fixed. Unlike most of my other reflections where I just say everything went great. Which I think is the best sort of reflection. Even though I should have added more to it and got more in detail about what we added because the people asked for it. I might have also been able to add more problems, like our mayor rating going down. But overall this is my favorite reflection because of what it is about. TYPE 3 (What we should have done)
  • one unexpected thing that happened this week was ... I started on a completely new project. It's a YouTube Channel. And I got distracted a lot, even though i shouldn't have. But I also finished my proposal so I at least got something done which i'm happy about. And I also got a phone screen recording software. so overall this week was very productive.
    • To be completely honest I didn't have any major reason I like this Reflection, I just did. But after looking more closely at it i realized I liked it because this is something I "succeeded" on doing. then after looking at all of my other reflections I realized all of the ones I like were either where I messed up bad or succeeded really well. But I digress, This Reflection was really good because I completely went crazy, because I started a new project.
  • What connections did you make? or I/we made a connection today ... with using variables on scratch. Because on project 4 I learned about creating variables and editing them to create life variables and power variables. The other thing I realized I learned yesterday is copying and pasting entire commands. that saved me SO much time, before I had to recreate the entire command, which could have like 30 pieces on it, but now I can just copy and paste and edit what I need for that specific character. But what I am most happy about this week, is my large productivity, because I was able to not only create 1/2 of the sprites I need but I also was able to complete the sound coding and talking coding for all of them. which is a lot farther then last week. So this week is my new, official, Most Productive Week EVER!!!
    High Productivity, Type 3
    • I think this is my best reflection to date. It is colored, and it is a "type 3" reflection, this is my second type three of this year and the coloring on this one was much more specific then other ones. Another reason I loved this one is because it is very long, it is the longest one I have posted on this page even. One of the other major reasons is because it really shows that I learned something major this week, which is that the variables in scratch can be used for so much more then they are being used for. So this reflection is #1 best project ever.
  • What surprised you? One major thing that surprised me was how many errors my robot had. It had at least 20 errors, whether it was pieces going backward or wrong pieces I had a lot of errors. But, overall this week ended up going quite well. I finished at least half of my robot, checked and error free. What I did to build and check was look at a completed and working Gyro Boy from another class. It works very well, but I am scared when I get to coding because I know nearly nothing about it. Also in Engage we are about to start building Lego Robot's, so I hope my knowledge from this helps.
    • This reflection is my best one yet for many reasons. The most major one is because I connected Thinkering to another one of my classes and told how what I was learning can help. Another reason I though it was good is because I am majorly learning from my mistakes. It also connected to my feeling and how i'm nervous when I get to coding because it is so confusing (at least I think). Another cool thing about this reflection is it's length. So because of all those reasons I think that this reflection is my best reflection of this quarter.
  • How could you connect what you are doing to a future career? You could connect this building and planning to being a construction worker. IF you are building a building then you need to plan and build a lot like this. With the coding you might be a programmer. With programming your job is mostly coding or programming, which is cool. This week was great, I got a lot don't and our team also finished our launch with the balls. It was very successful and everything was all good.
    • This reflection is the best I have done so far for many reasons. The largest of these reasons is that my self made prompt was amazing. It can easily connect to my life because I might be able to be a programmer when I grow up, it is also my dads current job. It also highlighted a lot of my groups successes. The final reason is that is showed what we just worked on which is very cool. All of these reasons is why this reflection is the best refection I have done yet.
Top Critiques:
  • Today I saw Evan's Civilization or civ project, I enjoyed watching him do it, it seems like a enjoyable strategy game. But, I am confused on what the learning aspect of this is. It might be international diplomacy, but I am not 100% sure that is what it does. But other than that it is a good project that can make you think creatively.
    • This reflection is the best I did this quarter. Mostly because this is the only one I did this quarter, sometimes the best is the only one, like I am the best at being me because there is only me... But I digress, I talked clearly about what he needed to do and I was kind of confused and stated it so everyone can understand it. That is pretty much it.
  • Ryan, I like your project, mostly because we are using about the same kits with similar intentions. I like how you are not using the instructions. But, you aren't really thinking about your designs and thinking if they would work or not. But having said that, your most recent design is very grape.
    • I believe this reflection was very good and was nice but also told him what I think he is doing wrong. I also really like my ending of this critiques with me using grape instead of great for some humor. I also thing it was short and to the point. I also complemented him to make him feel like he didn't completely fail. I like this critique.
  • "This project didn't work out like your original idea. Which isn't a bad thing but you need to work on the Journal. You also need to link your photos to the page. Otherwise you're grade will not be very good. I honestly like your project idea but you need to "Make It Work". One last thing the jewels are not the same size or same distance away you might want to change it or add jewels on the bottom of the shirt as well."
    • I thought this was my best Critique not only because of it's length. But because it is the Critique that hit the Rubric right on. For another thing I enjoyed writing this one, and I think my usage of "Make It Work", was a good pun. So overall it was the best Critique I completed hands down.
  • Where are your projects gonna go and where are you gonna get your pumpkins? How are you going to continue this the entire quarter?
    • This is my 2nd favorite Critique. It really gets them thinking about, wait how are we going to do this project without having all the materials? and that is very important in critiques. Another reason i really liked this one is because it is short and sweet. But mostly because it hits the rubric like a dart in the green right in the center. Type 2
  • I am still confused what your project is, are you guys really just giving each other hair makeovers all class? Because I just think it isn't enough of a project to take more then not even a week. But other then that I like the idea.
    • This is on my top Critique list because unlike the other ones and holding back and not saying everything I wanted to say out of nicety's I said everything and really "attacked" their project because I didn't think it seemed like something they could really make a full project out of. I mean yes I am I but sorry about being that "mean" I think it is the only way to really help people. So I really felt like I helped them a bit. I also like this reflection because I learned how to be "tough" with people, I was stronger then my other Critiques and I liked it. I think I could have added a bit more like when they said "Fish hook" I had and still have no idea what it is, I should have been more accurate with what i didn't understand. That is what I thought was the biggest part of the the Critique I missed. But a minor thing I could have added was a joke like on the Critique at the top of the list. Type 2 what I should have done.
  • Adam your stop motion videos are pretty good from what iv'e seen, especially for a child. I liked how you used silly putty to make it more interesting. But, it looks like the story doesn't have much of a plot, it is just a guy who randomly wanted to break into a bank because YOLO! Then again having no story might make it so you don't get attached to the character so you can kill him off and have a crazy backstory thing, I think that would be really cool, but overall, awesome job.
    • I think this critique was one of my best critiques. I thought this for many reasons, such as it's length. Another reason I thought it was the best is because it is more playful and positive then most of my other critiques were. I think that having variability in the mood of your critiques can be very important. I also just liked the project idea and loved that Adam was doing it (and very well as I may add). Then the last thing I liked about this critique was that I really added any idea that would be easy to do after the project. That is where he can create a backstory instead of a guy just breaking into a bank. For all these reasons I thought this critique was my best one.
  • Your project was very good and original. I think doing ScribbleBot is very cool and imaginative. But one thing you don't have a project page. Also, I don't see any records of you projects and fails and etc. I really like the idea of ScribbleBot but you need to have a page other then that its cool.
    • I think this critique was a very great critique because it was short but to the point. The point was that he needs a porject page, and I used evidence to support my reasoning and later, he did actually get a project page. Probably the teachers doing but, oh well. I think that this is still very good reflection never the less. It also complemented him and was nice about the scribble bot, which by then was I think is very cool, I think I might end up doing something like that.
  • This week I saw Evan's new project. It is very cool, it is a software for the IPad that is teaching Evan basic HTML format coding. He is having trouble with this one portion, where you have to add && coding to repeat a code. I think his project is very cool, and with how long it took to be stuck in this portions rut (3 days). I think his project is GREAT. The one thing is that I didn't see a project page, and his own presentation wasn't the best.
    • This critique was a very good critique for a lot of reasons. One, it completely staid on topic and was about how good his project was. Two, it explained I know how it feels to get stuck and kind of sympathized. Finally, I clearly showed what it is that he has to add.

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