• DIY Project
    • Me and my friend Skylar have been making this project for about 1/2 of the year. We now have another partner Maggie and we have made many things, For example we have made Liquid Glass slime, hair styels,popsicle stick houses and many more. I like this project because it allows us to do many different things that we can chose and do a little bit of each project each Week. I think that all of our projects have turned out well and we learned something from each one, for eample we learned how to make slime and we learned how to sew, we also learned ways to be creative and get inspiration for project ideas.
  • DIY Project
    • This is a new project Skylar and I have been working on. We are making a DIY project, were we do different projects were we have to make or do fun activities. So far we have made candy sushi witch turned out really well, and will be making DIY phone cases, Felt kittens and liquid glass. We have been looking at different websites and videos to find inspiration and ideas for our next projects. We think that we will probably do this project half way through the Third quarter and make about five more DIY projects at school.
  • ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Queens Of The Kitchen
    • We have been working on this project for the whole year. I think we are doing a great job and way better than the first Quarter. I think that the health benefit is coming out in our show even more. We have even started to add new short challenge clips to our channel. I think we also have been doing better on filming our shows when we have the chance. I think we are becoming more creative in our shows and how to start them out. We are working on trying to get ideas on how to make our show more interesting and fun for people to watch. Are YouTube Channel has gotten a lot of views and we are hopping for more
  • ‍‍‍‍‍Queens Of The Kitchen
    • This project I have been working on for the whole first quarter. I am doing this project with my friend Rylie,We are making projects trying to include the benefits of healthy food in everyday cooking. We have been meeting up once in a while to film our new show Queens of The Kitchen. We make themed episodes for our show like Halloween or Breast Cancer Awareness, These have Halloween or pink foods. We have been posting the videos on Youtube hopping to make a channel.
  • Piano and Guitar Duet Project
    • In this Project, I have been playing the guitar and Alexandra has been playing the piano. We have had many different experiences during this project, Some good and some not so good. It has been hard for us but we have also learned a lot about these instruments and it has been fun to see all of the progress we have made. At first we were just learning some basic chords and notes and now have been working on learning some short songs and parts of harder songs. For the end of our project we are going to take a video/voice recording of us singing and playing one of the songs we have been working on.
  • Watercolor Project
    • In my watercolor project I am working with Izzy and we have been working very hard too become better watercolor painters. I think we have done a very good job with this project and we have learned so much about watercolor techniques and styles. we have experienced and practiced many things like different brushes and different paints. At first we were both not very good at painting and we did not know how to make things look realistic and now we are good watercolor painters. To Finnish our project we posted some of our pieces on our wiki project page to show our progress throughout our project and how we used techniques.
  • Learning Yoga
    • During this project, I have been working with Maggie to learn yoga. We have been watching videos and taking pictures. We also have been getting checked by Ms.Desimone and she has been giving us tips to be better at yoga and make sure we are doing safe moves. We have not had many problems because we work really well together and work at the same pace. I am glad I am doing this with a partner because it has helped me be able to see if I am doing the moves correctly and I have been able to talk through the moves. We hope that we will finish this project knowing all of the basic moves and yoga skills.

  • I/We learned...
    We learned more yoga moves when we went to Señora and she helped us make sure we are doing the moves correctly. We also have been practicing at home so we can be zen at times other than school and it has been working to make us more calm and less stressed during this time. We have not had many problems throughout this project which I think is because we both like yoga and want to put in the effort to be great.
    • This is my favorite reflection from this quarter because I think I did a very good job of explaining what I diid, what we had trouble with and what we liked. I also liked this because it is very clear and it is obvious what we did and how we spent our time during this day.
  • I/ We Learned... A lot about more painting techniques and we also learned that we are going to end our project because we have accomplished all that we wanted to learn. We also learned that we have made good progress and that we are much better at water color than when we started. I thought that we did a really good job working on our project together and we both put in our best effort. We did not have very many problems except we did not have the color red. Overall this project was a very good experience and we learned a lot.
    • This is the last reflection that I did, I like this reflection because I think I did a good job of telling where we were in our project and how I felt about our progress. I think this also did a good job of telling about our problems and what we did good. this reflection also helps me understand how I felt about my progress and our teamwork.

  • We were effective because ... We posted both our videos yesterday and got 5 likes on each with 2 comments and 25 views. We thought that it would take us five days to get 25 views but it took less than one. Now we think we make get 50 views in 5 days. That shows we were effective because we our sharing our projects with the public.
    • This is my favorite reflection for this quarter, I like this refection because i did a very good job of explaining what i had accomplished and what i thought about what we had done and learned, I wish that if i could edit this reflection that I would have made more about our videos on youtube. But overall I think that this is a great reflection.

  • We think... That our project will be very fun and that we will do well. We are going to do about 1 activitie for each week. We are going to do this because we want to learn these life skills and other fun things and have enough time to get the stuff and post the pictures on to the wiki so other people can learn these thinks to.
    • This was my favorite reflection because it was one of the first ones for my project and I think I did a good job explaining our goals and what we wanted to accomplish for it. This reflection is good because I accomplished my plan and I figured out what I wanted to do next time.

  • "We were effective because... We have learned a lot, I think that this project was a good idea because it teaches us how to cook healthy foods and why it is good for us to eat healthy Food. We have Had a lot of fun and experienced other ways to cook.
    • This is my favorite reflection because I care about being healthy and this showed that I think that we also make a good team. I think reflections are good because it helps you remember your goal. This Reflection Represents my group because it shows what we can do and what the groups goal is really to do.

  • What was easiest?...I think the easiest thing is filming the beginning of the videos at school. But the easiest thing on updating our channel is just to add some good cooking videos. We like to watch good videos to help us. I think we should challenge ourselves to do harder things like make more videos because we usually stick to easy things like watching videos. This teaches me to push myself.
    • This is my favorite reflection because it shows that I know we need to improve and that we know what we need to improve on. this is also my favorite metta reflection because it is showing a lot about how I thought about my project.

  • "I/We were/was effective/inefective because ...I learned a lot more about the chords. I thought I already knew some of them but it was good to refresh my memory so I can get better at playing. I learned that when I don't get it I get frustrated and start to work less effectively. When I was frustrated I usually just replayed the video so I could hopefully understand. I think that I am good at not getting very frustrated and when I do I usually refocus myself."
    • This is one of my favorite reflections, I like this reflection because when I look back on it I can remember back to how I felt when I was at this point in my project. It helps me remember what I learned and it reminds me of my struggles. It also told people what I did to improve and try to fix my problems. I think it does a great job of explaining my week in a short way but I think it still says a lot about what I did, and the progress that I made throughout the week.

  • Critique
  • "I like your project a lot but I think you should plan how long you are going spend listening each song on the album so you can work productively."
    • This is my favorite reflection from this quarter because I asked a question which will really help her plan in the future and I also was not too harsh and said "I like your project".
  • "I liked your idea of comics but I think you should decide what you are going to make your comics about and what you will do with them after you finish making them."
    • This was my quarter 2 critique,Ilike this because I think I was very nice and polite in my comment but at the same time it still stated a helpful way to improve their project.
  • "I really liked all of your videos. I think it is a cool idea to do a project like that. One suggestion that I have for you is that maybe you could add a tittle page at the beginning of your video and maybe some subtitles to tell what games the videos were and the scores. I really liked your video."
    • think that this critique was my best one for Quarter four, I like it because it states my critique in a kind way where i am still giving helpful advice that they could use, it also is kind and has compliments about how good his project was and

what I liked about it.

  • "I think that you should add a tips page of what struggles you had and what you did to resolve them, or tips about what would be easier to make the house. I really liked your house and it is super awesome.

    • "I like this Critique because I think it was very useful to her mine craft mission project. It told about how I liked her project and how she could help other people do the same thing but have less trouble. I also liked it because I complemented her project and it was nice.

  • "I think your project is very interesting maybe you could make a page for your project and you could put some pictures with ways to play and questions to click.

    • "I like this critique because gives advice and what I like about her project. It also is in a nice and kind way with useful suggestions that might make her project easier to understand. For people who want to take advice from her page.

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