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Top Projects:
  • Minecraft Drawbridge & Castle
  • I chose this project because I am not the best at building or redstone. I chose this project to try my best to make a redstone castle and try not to give up.
Now I am getting use to using minecraft and learning how to use it well.
  • Minecraft Drawbridge & Castle.

    • I chose this project because I am not an expert of Minecraft or redstone.
Explanation of what Minecraft is, Minecraft is a game where you can build anything and share your building with friends and family. You can also record and share the video on youtube and other websites.
  • How I make it? I make it on scratch pixel by pixel.
I am also going to work on a maze.
    • Why I am I making this? I want to do a game fun and challenge myself because I have never done a maze solo.

Top Reflections:

  • "Today I was able to get some trees cut down,some grass, and mostly dirt. I was relieved that I was able to get most of the grass cut. But I was also starting to add on the lava for the drawbridge and I recognized that I would have to add grass for the lava so the lava won't spread out of the the area I want it to be in."
    • I chose this because I got really excited when I built this and also was confident.
    • I was proud after I finished this because I got a lot done.
  • "Today I finished the outline and started going up the level. The problem was when I was outlining the castle I recognized that I would have to cut part of the forest down because it was in the way so that might slow me down. But I kept pushing myself and I worked hard and finished the whole outline now I don't have that much work left to do. I think I did the best in minecraft today. Now I will hopefully be able to start the roof."
    • Chose this reflection because I got most of my work done and was able to get a long paragraph.
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  • I have been working on the background title and the picture of the robots.

Top Critiques:

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