Game Review:

top 10 games for android devices

(this list was based off websites, not personal opinions)

1. Rymdkapsel
  • There's something cool about Rymdkapsel: an addictive, accessible game that offers a twist on the real-time strategy genre. The emphasis is on building a space-base through tetris like block-placement, while fending off waves of enemies

2. Action Games- Long Run
  • Spy training just got exciting! Use swiping gestures to lead your character through courses and training. Stay hidden!

3. Racing Games- GT Racing 2
  • This real life car experience has you driving real-life like top name cars and testing them out. Race them and experience driving around

4. Temple Run 2
  • This game has you running from demon monkeys and collecting coins and dodging obstacles as you go. Buy stuff from the store to help you.

5. Snow Slopes
  • Create the snow slopes that your characters surfs on! Snow Slopes lets you control your snowboarder with the slopes that you draw. Use your touchscreen to keep your character alive while collecting coins and power ups to keep the clock running.

6. Diner Dash
  • Billed as "the world's #1 hit time management game", Diner Dash took its time to come to Android, but was worth the wait. The game involves seating and serving

7. Bejeweled Blitz
  • Get rid of jewels and gems as you slice the screen and complete dozen of levels. This exciting game will keep you playing

8. Cut the rope- time travel
  • Cutesy monster Om Nom appeared in this, his third Cut the Rope game for Android. This time round, there's a time-travelling theme as he tries to feed sweets to his ancestors.

9. Fun Run
  • This addictive game has you racing little animal and fighting for victory. Avoid getting sliced and diced and reach the finish line first.

10. Crazy Taxi
  • Sega's Crazy Taxi has thrilled as an arcade game, a console game and now a mobile title too. The game – a port of the Dreamcast console version – sees you speeding through San Francisco-esque streets

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