Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

Sirena and Paris
We want to test the basic fluffy slime DIY.
We want to show the people of the world what and what doesn't work in terms of DIY'S and life hacks. We will most likely have trouble making the DIY'S but we will continue to try.
We will need to have patience and an open mind to complete them.
We will need glue, shaving cream, borax, foaming soap, measuring scoops, liquid starch, and water.
Main Steps:
  1. We will make a list of the video skills and editing skills we will work to imrove on during the project
  2. First we will choose a diy and life hack that kind of go together
  3. The we will gather materials to accommodate our days and life hacks that we choose
  4. Then we will make a video and edit it
  5. Lastly we will post on YouTube
  • We will document our project on YouTube
  • We will take turns in the scenes that we film as well as voice overs
  • We will publicize our channel, working to get more views, likes, and comments
We hope to do this the entire quarter.
  • Some resources we could use could be YouTube and family members
  • Mr Whitmer could be a teacher, YouTube, family, peers
  • This will make us work harder on patience, and it will also improve our filming skills,and quality of our videos
Filming could be hard to coordinate because we want to do some of the project outside of school.
Sharing/Teaching/Paying It Forward
  • We will share our project on the wiki and on YouTube
  • People who like watching diys and life hacks
We will define success by how our days and life hack videos turn out at the end and how many views we get.
By commenting people can ask questions.
We are making DIY'S and testing them as well as life hacks. We are making this because we think it is fun. This is for all the people of youtube as well as family and friends.