TZC1's Portfolio

Top Projects:
  • iCivics
    • I've learned learned about the electoral collage in the game win the White house. I've learned more about all the amendments in Do I have a Right. I've learned about all the Branches of Government in Branches of Power. About of these three games Win the White house because it's just about how to get more votes over the other candidate.
  • Tinkercad
    • I've been creating 3d models in Tinkecad. I'm currently trying to make a death trooper and a mini Darth Vader. I have currently built a snowman and a gingerbread man.
  • Redstone Projects
    • I built over 9 Redstone Creations in all different worlds. I am building a Railroad and a Train station.
  • Sploder
    • I made a Platform already. Now I will do decorations and Emenies.
  • Kodu TZC1
  • Gamestar Mechanic Portfolio
    • I like how I Build Games and Projects. I can build games and make what enemies and my avatar do can do.

When you have the Addison joins the Rouge and Dungeon of the Rouge you can get more Sprites than the
Normal Quest and you get more Challenges. Plus you can make your own Backgrounds. And Two Quests.

Top Reflections:

  • One example of a failure we had was...
    • The school blocked the wiki that was helping us construct our game review and blog. To help pass this challenge me and Gray will use our knowledge on the game to fill in the blanks. We choose this game because it is really fun for us.
  • Get more Sprites For more Fun.
More Sprites will make the game much harder and Challenging. To make it fun.
To Make it Newer. And I whant that Game Better.
    • I can use sprites in my own games and I can earn sprites by
beating quests and challenges with those sprites I can make new
games with them and publish the games so other people can play them.
    • I like getting Views and thumbs up so I can get on the featured page.

  • I enjoyed gamestar mechanic because i get sprites a lot and i like completing events.
    • My goal for this project is to get more sprites.I don't know what im going to do next year
but i'm looking forward to next year.

  • I need 8 more block than I can complete the Game
    • My Goal is to Finish this Game By 2/1/17.

  • I Finish Another Block. I made more Spaces. I will Complete 2-4 Next week.
    • I Complete 6 Blocks in that Week.

  • Today I had "hard fun" when ... I made a super hard fun level. and Huge. Tomorrow i will try to complete it at home when i have the time. and other ones
    • By 1/31/17 I will need Less than 5 More Blocks

Top Critiques:

    • I like games where you can earn stuff and I can build games.
I like getting loads of stuff.

All Projects: