Tucker Portfolio:

Soda Hat: We made a working soda hat that could carry two soda bottles and feed them both to your mouth at the same time.

Scratch: We worked on some projects for my class (Video Game Design) and Christian learned how to use Scratch and which buttons do what.

Waterproof Speakers: We got speakers and tried to make them waterproof but then realized that we didn't have the right materials or the right resources so we stopeed trying to build that project.

Scrap Cars: We have just started doing this project a couple days ago, and we are making cars out of scrap material and racing them in different events against Sam and Nick.
Soldering: We were going to learn how to solder and make a video about it but then we could find a place at school that they would let us solder so we stopped.
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  • Baseball Tee:
  • Garage Band

Top Reflections:
  • Today we successfully built my(Tucker's) soda hat. We used a roll of duct tape to tape on the can holders and the plastic tubing. We made a video of the project in action but we did have one flaw. The tubing has no stopper so the soda just keeps coming out until you take out the tube from the can. We plan to make some sort of stopper that will open when you suck in on the tube from pressure, and stop the soda from coming out when you take your mouth off of the tube. Next week we plan to put the finishing touches on my hat and start building Ty's. We have not started Christian's because he brought in his materials the last out of all of us. The video for our test of the soda hat and the video for one of our complications of the soda hat are on the page we made for it called Soda Hat. It is linked to all of our portfolio pages for you to view
I chose this reflection because it was the first really big project that we finished. This project took a lot of time and it turned out exactly how we wanted it to.