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  • Agt2 Tmn1 Project Page.
    • this project is still great. i learned a lot about painting and how you are supposed to do short strokes. also about welding. when welding there is a ton of preparation to get a good weld. i also learned about who to make a pivot axle. one problem we had was wood splitting but we drilled the other side so it did not matter

  • Agt2 Tmn1 Project Page.
  • i chose to high lite this project because i enjoy it a lot. the project is from schrac me and my friend anthony are making a train (exept for the wheels and his atv). i have learned a lot about wood working and all that we have done is make the chassis. i learned that when you drill a big screw in it will split the wood. we found a sloution to this is to drill a pilot hole first. i am exited next week i willl learn to pain it with house paint
  • pumpkin tool
    • i chose to do it because i only half finished it and i wanted to be done. it was challenging because i cloud not build here. i also told my dad that i would finish the tool. l i still want to test it but will do another project here and test it at home.
  • Project 3 pumpkin tool
    • this project is fun because i know me and my dad will use it for years. it is also cool to make something for someone else. to chose witch project i wanted to do i looked around for a problem that needed solving. so it was pumpkin season and my dad traveled. i knew part of his show was he had a hammer that cloud cave a pumpkin. so i wanted to make a more compact tool

Top Reflections:

  • I/We learned

    that we are gonna have to work apart. with him on the ATV and me on the carts. because it is hard to get together. but we are close to a part when we can. but that part is easy.

    • this was a moment of realization for me.that we were going to need to work a part this helped because we did not need to distinguish times to do it. we cloud work on it after school. this helped us a lot because we cloud just do it when ever. this was a good reflection

  • Today I/we had "hard fun" when
    we were drilling the holes and when we learned that with bigger screws you need to have a pilot hole so the wood wont split. also when we were sizing it we got to sit on the ground to get the correct size

    • i chose this reflection because it most best describes what we are doing. it is also when we got the project moving and started

  • This week I/we took the proper time for the job when. i took the time to use an angle grinder to make the tool sharper. it took a lot longer because i needed to get it out put it away. i also took time to paint the tool
    • i chose this reflection because it shows that i care about the project and want to do it well. it also showed we finished the project. i also went over the top by painting it.
  • Today I/we
    One example of me/us managing our time well was ...
    when i ran into something i did not know how to do i just skipped it and did something i know how to do this is important because if i tried to do it i would of wasted a lot of time. another thing i did was keep working through the distractions.

    • it was the best of the three reflections i have done. it was the most descriptive. and i worked well that day. i feel it was thew best one i did. It is also the longest.

Top Critiques:

  • are you going to go over the steps of making a video?
    • i was wondering this because he did not say any thing about it in his talk and he said he was going to outline his steps. i dont think he did. because it would be a lot of work
  • are you making more seasonal recipes?

    • i chose this because it was the better one of the two i did. i also thought of this my self. I had to choose from a limited slection. Wich made it easie. But harder to type
  • why did you choose polymer clay as your material.

    • i chose this one because i thought she might switch her material . i was also genuinely wondering why.

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