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Top Projects:

  • DIY & Lifehacks
    • My new projects with zoe and claire had been life hacks, it is really fun and i enjoy it a lot doing this project with my friends. We did a lot of diys and we are wanting to start doing collabs with Hannah an Grace because they have a youtube channel. I finished uploading a lot of videos with zoe and claire after uploading we started to post our videos on social media such as twitter and tell our friends to check out the youtube channel. When working with zoe and claire we barley had any problems. I liked how we problem solved and we're able to get the work done.
  • DIYS And LifeHacks
    • My new project with zoe and claire is DIYS and life hacks, It was harder with three people in a group. We all needed to go over all the days we wanted to do and the parts we wanted like: Editor or main talking person. My job was to edit and teach zoe and claire how to edit. We have done three DIYS one is the crayon art (where you take crayons and glue them to a canvas then melt them with a blow dryer and it creates this cool design. We decided to create a youtube channel and post our videos on there and we have 4 diys on the youtube channel. As we worked we assigned jobs to each person to figure out what item to bring in for each project.
  • Piano and Singing Song Making
    • what was difficult was that i need to memorize different lyrics and i would need to sink the music to the lyrics that i singing but Zoe has helped me work on it! I have learned that there are many ways of singing different songs and making them sound right. What i would do to memorize the lyrics is listen to the song four times and then i would go to the lyric version and listen to that twice then after i would sing it with the lyrics three times. After that i would go to the karaoke version and sing it. i have learned that i am a good writer and that i am good at helping others.

  • Piano and Singing Song MakingI like this project because i get to work with me best friend. and i have learned a lot of different songs and how to timing the lyrics to the song together and make them sound good and mesh.we are now thinking about making a band with Brennen (who plays guitar) and Zoe is learning a song that Brennen is learning along with myself.
  • Piano and Singing Song Making
    • My project is learning to make an EP with my friend Zoe. I have learned that some songs can be too hard and you need to take you time with them and mastering them.We have found many obstacles in our path we have learned to work around them and make are combine are ideas together. i memorized a lot of songs over the time that Zoe was learning to play the key board. I think that are project was useful for others who want to learn to play the key board and make an EP and they can learn off of us.
  • Piano and Singing Song Making

    • So we started off by listing song that we could sing and Zoe could learn on keyboard.i think that Zoe and i can make an awesome team and we learned a lot about each other. As we started to combine are ideas we were finding even cooler songs! as we listen to be singing the songs and we would work together each class better and better and i could see we were getting better with each class time! as we learned new things about each other!

Top Reflections:

  • "I showed zoe and claire how to edit"
    • I love this reflections because thats when we started to post youtube videos and we really got a jumpstart in our youtube videos because we had friends around us to subscribe to our youtube channel. I then would share the videos with friends and some teachers at out school. i was looking forward to edit the videos them upload them and i can't wait for to comment and we are waiting for new ideas to spring!
  • 'We to create a youtube channel'
    • I love this reflection because it shows our progress on how we didn't just do the did but when we decide to create a youtube channel and upload all of our videos onto there. As i worked i showed claire and zoe how to start editing youtube videos. When i worked on diys i used my time wisely on the project because i knew that with this youtube channel we would need to up load videos once a week and i really honestly did look forward to uploading these videos because i was doing a school project withy two best friends! As i worked i discovered that its harder than you think it is to work with your friends on a pretty large project. I have know learned to think and learn from other diys that have not worked in the past to be able to learn from those and really show that I'm looking forward to what the future holds for us!

  • Today we recorded broken together by casting crowns 21/5/15"
    • I love this refection because our goal was to record something and publish it! It was weird to think that it was gonna be easy but it was actually hard to do! i remember working on how I'm gonna do my breathing and how I'm gonna take breaks in-between the lyrics. i used my time wisely with the project and i am proud of that i have. My project has helped me be more confident with singing to other people and helping me not be as selfish. I was suprized that it was harder to do! I thought it would only take us a month our so but now i don't know what i was thinking! I have learned that i am more willing to give people more of my time and more responsibility into my work and using my time wisely.

  • "I told Zoe about some new songs and we are going to try them out and listen to them and see if they sound good.
    • Because we learned how to mix the piano and me singing together and Zoe and I really like the song that we plan on doing with Brennen. We listened to the song and then we went on Youtube for Zoe to learn the music. And me to learn the lyrics to the song along with how we are going to mix them together to make them sound good.
  • We are going to continue practicing the song Lay Me Down by Sam Smith and maybe start recording it together.
    • Because I learned the lyrics to it and Zoe is still learning the notes to the song. but she is half way done.I sung it and Zoe and i tried to match the music to the recording of me singing.We got it to match but we are going to tweak it.
  • Today I was working on my songs and fixing them.
    • I go home and i work on the originals that we are going to do. I have showed Zoe one and she liked it. I am now working on the other one still trying to brain storm lyrics to use. and a tune to the song.

Top Critiques:

  • "You should take time when presenting and not rush"
    • I really really really like this critique because it shows that if you just have a great amazing project that doesn't mean you can't have an amazing presentation and when you present you should give it your all and really sell what you have to say about your project and use up all the time that you have because we rarely have time to present our projects to other people and when we do like i said before we really need to give it our all and when i present i like to ask the person what did you think or what can i change because we all have our own oppions and when presenting and after you are done i think that you really need to be able to explain and take in the things that they have to say about your project along with things that you need to change.

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