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Top Projects:

  • Minecraft(tdm1)
    • Minecraft is a game of building and survival. In minecraft you learn how to "craft" which is basically making things. Also there are monsters known as "mobs" which includ Zombies, Skeliton Archers, "Creepers", "Endermen" ect. There are also portals you can find or make that let you go to a world called the nether which includes more monsters like "Zombie Pigmen", "Ghasts", "Blazes", and "Magma Cubes". The reason I play this for Thinkering Studio is becuase you can have fun with your project, with the multiplayer we can work as a team, and finnaly almost every time you play it you learn at least one new thing about it. Minecraft is really cool, and now I am an expert at it.

  • Herobrin's Mansion (tdm1)
    • Herobrin's Mansion is a map (in minecraft) made by another person. You and your friends work together fighting mobs (monsters) and bosses (such as the Skeliton King, Beretha the Witch, The Wither, Herobrin, etc.). You start out in a forest and make your way torwords the mansion, but have to go in a grave yard there you meet the first boss the skeliton king, after this you can get into the mansion to let the true adventure begin. There is a a special game mode for Herobrin's Mansion called asventure mode, it means that you cannot break blocks or switch your game mode, also it means that it is a pre desinged map. Almost every corner of this map is frightning.

  • Minecraft Adventure Map (tdm1)(stg1)
    • external image the%20town.zip?h=40&w=200Shane and I are working on a Minecraft Adventure Map. Adventure maps are ment to be played on adventure mode. adventure mode is a minecraft mode were your in suvival but you cannot break blocks (and there is usaly a story). Our map is where you spawn in the middle of a jungle and you see some houses, in each house a new mission is found. The more houses you find the more harder the missions will be. We still are not sure what will happen at the end.
  • Animation Creation Page (tdm1)(ncg3)
    • Nic and I are working on an animation together. Our animation is about me, Nic, and Jacob and how weird we are. We have figuered out how to use the app Animation Creator Pro and use it effectivly. Our project has used most of the tools so far, and we are learning with it very well.
  • Minecraft Norman Village (tdm1)(jsa2)
    • Jacob and I are working on a giant village in minecraft. We will have many sections such as an underground, a forest area, a sky village, a river section, etc. We are using minecraft 1.6.2 because the graphics cards do not work for the recent updates, this allows us to only use the blocks from then, but we can still use them. We are also putting in easter eggs (hiddin secrets and references) all throughout the map.
  • Minecraft Norman Village (now with wrh1)
    • We are continueing our minecraft norman village, but this time we have Reese helping us. We are now adding bigger builds to the world such as a giant office complex, a giant portrait of Jacob, and big ruins. We are going to get a lot more work done with Reese and I think that we will have better ideas.
  • Pixel Art
    • In this project I learned how to use the computer program paint to draw 8 16 and 32- bit video game characters and custom pictures. I slowly learned more advanced pixel art and slowly made more advanced custom pictures. In the process of making these pictures, I also learned how to use paint to its full potential.
  • Pixelmator
    • In this project, I am learning how to use a photo enhancing app called Pixelmator. I am learning how to use tools that can help me crop, change color or fuse together pictures. Every day I would work on a different picture, with random themes and effects. I learned how to use every tool and effect to my advantage.
  • iPhone app
    • In the project, Domonic and I will start learning how to code and design an app for the iPhone. We will learn how to use Codea, an app that you can use to make apps. We are currently trying to decide whether or not we should make the app a game, social app, or even a helpful app kind of like siri.
  • Codeing
    • In this project I have worked on using code academy and code combat. This project started as the iPhone app project but quickly changed to just coding. I have learned all the basics and some intermediate level code. I have also learned that coding through a game such as code combat is a lot easier to learn rather than just reading instructions on how to code.

Top Reflections:

  • I kept falling in holes. The reason was because I tried to find ben. I learned that i am not good at giving directions.
    • I chose this reflection because it showed that we were working as a team. The only problem was that the others would not help me (but at least I tried) I also chose this because in the process we found many things like a mineshaft, village ect.
    • I downloaded the map. I also learned how to download it. We got on the 3rd boss.

    • i chose this because it shows that i learned how to do two things at once, also it shows that we can get through alot of progress. Also it shows that we did do this as a team and can get through almost anything together.
  • We have finished the maze. Shane and I have started working on an adventure map. I have learned that shane and i work well together. We have almost finished the first part of the adventure map.
    • I chose this because it shows that shane and i can work together. it is also the only reflection i have for "The Town". It shows that we can make alot of progress.
  • " We have started the video but are not very good with the app. I have learned that i am bad at rembering to change tools. I have learned that the animation creator app is hard to use. I have learned that nic and I can work better with two ipads." I chose this reflection because it shows that we have to learn how to use it, makeing our time more productive. I wrote that we learn better with two ipads because if one of us can write down ideas on one or make sketches while the other one animates.
  • "We have each started building 1 airship. We have started makeing an undergroung section of the village. I have learned how to make a tnt cannon. I have learned how to make compact redstone. I have learned that I work well when doing multiple things at once."
    • I chose this reflection because it shows that we can work on many things at once. It also shows that I am still learning how to use this.
  • "I have added some sand on the portrait. I have have almost finished a sheep ride in our animal carnival. I learned that redstone blocks under tracks power the tracks. I learned that I work well doing multiple projects at once."
    • I chose this reflection because it shows that we are working on a lot of mini projects and that we can work hard to get them finished.
  • "Today, I made a character of my own, and made reese.
    One frustration I/we had was that my character came out REALLY fat.
    What does this help you do that’s important?
    This helped me out because now I have a better understanding of how to make the body."
    • I chose to use this reflection because it showed what I had accomplished for the day. I also choose this reflection because it showed that I made a mistake, and learned how to correct it.
  • This week I made a DK crew album cover, and Harry Potter on a tricycle.
    How could I/we make it better? More interesting?
    I feel like I could make it more interesting by adding a background.
    One frustration I/we had was ...
    Having to manually erase the white background of the tricycle.
    • I chose this reflection because it showed that I could improve my pictures and work, the more and more I tried. I also chose this because it showed that I was willing to do extra work.
  • This week I finished two pictures, and finished my project.
    If we had another day/week/month ...
    I don't feel like I would get much done, due to the fact that I am now familiar with all of the tools.
    What was fun? What did I/we enjoy?
    I enjoyed getting to freely learn how to make and enhance photos, I thought I had a lot of fun with this project.
    • think that this was a good reflection because it showed how I can get a lot of progress done and still have fun with it. I also chose this because it showed that I know when it is a good idea to stop. I think that this was a hard fun project.
  • What helped your learning?
    I have started looking at forums a bit more for help.

    How do you know you learned it?
    I know I learned it because if I was stuck I would compare the two and look at how I could improve my code.
    • I chose this reflection because it showed that even if I work hard, I sometimes need help. I also chose this reflection because it shows how I can problem solve if I am having trouble and that with the help I can quickly finish it.

  • Top critiques

  • "Do you think that you will be able to reach your goal? Do you think that you will finish everything you planned to do? Why did you choose this project rather than something easier? "
    • I chose this critique because I question the person I gave it to and it probably helped them out a lot.
  • "Cool project but I would try to identify your real goal as opposed to just pixel art of random people and 8-bit images of ones that you are copying. I would also try to free-style more 16-bit pictures and see what you can do and maybe try to go off of current video game characters by your self like master chief from halo or ones that are not 16-bit and try to make them 16-bit like what you did with Nick. I am very impressed with your project"
    • I chose this critique because it showed what I strengthened in and how I could improve my project to its full potential.
  • "Cool project and I am impressed with your work but I would try to make your own completely original picture. Also try to play around with the other tools and try new things. Keep up the good work tough."
    • I chose to use this critique because it showed that the work I am putting in is showing, it also it a good critique because it shows that I am still learning.
  • My critique - I like the idea of your project, however I kind of see this as an excuse to read comics in class, and I think stg3 agrees with me. We would both see it as more of a project if you did not just review comics, and review more things such as movies, or games. But other than that you are still doing a decent job at your project.
    • I chose this critique because I think that this shows that I can be nice with my critiques, but also be very constructive.
  • "I think that you are making good progress, however when you said that you couldn't work one day due to youtube being down, I feel like you weren't problem solving. Next time it might be better to pre-download your music or use another site."
    • I chose this critique because it shows how I can give constructive criticism while still being calm. I also chose this because it shows how I am helping them problem solve.

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