Soccer Techniques and StrategiesBy:Mazen & Jason
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Our Video on Formations

***Our goal is to provide a team of armature soccer players with easy and fun techniques and strategies maybe even fun tricks.

A starting lineup for a team full of beginners you should a defense that looks like this

For a team that has the skills a really good and efficient lineup should look like this
The stopper is a position that is between defense and midfield. While the sweeper has the most important part in defense because when the other defenders let the ball past them it’s the sweeper’s job to clear the ball in any way ASAP. While the RFB and LFB is just to play normal defense on the Right and Left side.

In the Midfield a really good and efficient way is like thisAlthough while attacking

Here is what your final formation should look like

An easy stratagie while attacking is to stager Stageering only affects the defense for example if the ball is on the Right side of the field every player should sag to the right Right Defense should sag the most and the Left defense should sag the least, and so one.


This tells you everyone's job on the field

Some tricks to fake out a defender

Double Lunge:

Double Scissors

Some Basic drills to help your soccer techniques

Drills to help your Dribbling
This Drill helps you improve your dribbling when a defender comes at you, you can just use a cut to fake him out.

Drills to improve your shooting

This first drill in this video improves your shooting with power
The second drill in this video improves your shooting from close up

This is the proper way on how to do a throw in.