SWR1 Portfolio

Top Projects:

I chose this project because I wanted to practice something that I'm not really good at. Drawing is what we are focusing on right now but soon we are going to start painting and making art that has a deeper meaning. I have been really interested in drawing lately and I think this project is for me.

D&S Drawings

Top reflections:

This week we fund some nice paintings of things we would like to paint. After spring break we want to go to Micheals and get some paint and canvas. We really want to do abstract because we think its the basic or the easiest thing to paint. We will start easy and then get harder and harder until we are awesome at painting.

  • I picked this reflection because it shows how we have progressed and how we will move forward with our art. It shows a step by step plan on how we will improve or take our project to the next level. I also picked this because its a way to compare how I was at the beginning of the project to now.

Top Projects:

I chose this project because I think I'm really good at taking pictures, and I wanted to try it out. I am in between projects, our first project is photography and our next one is baking battles. All together we have posted two videos to youtube, but everyday we are trying to make more. Photography is some thing that has always intrested me. The photography project is working out really well, and we want to make a collage of all our pictures that we have took.
  • Photography youtube channel
  • I chose this project because I wanted to learn a lot about photography. A lot of people in my family are really good at taking pictures and I got inspired to get good also. This project can help me learn because I have to research how to take good pictures in order to be an expert or make youtube videos on photography. This project has already helped me take better quality pictures.

Top Reflections:

This week we tested out iMovies special effects. We tested out the green screen and cloning yourself. We need to learn how to split the screen so we can actually duplicate Dede. The green screen worked out great but we want to keep testing with other backgrounds and set's. When we put special effects in iMovie it will make videos look good.
  • I picked this reflection because it shows how well Dede and I work together. Also it shows how we are committed to everything we start. It shows that we keep trying to complete something no matter how many times we fail, and it shows that me and Dede work really well together.

  • I/ We want to Learn...
    How to put music into iMovie. I learned that when I get into a really fun project like we are doing right now, I want to go home and work on it. I want to learn if I work better on a computer at home or at school because if I work better at home I would work more on my project at home.

    • I picked this reflection because it shows how I'm working mentally and trying to experiment what works best for me. Also I picked this because it shows that I am not just sitting around doing nothing all class and that I am actually working. It shows what I want to found out not only about myself but about my project. Also if I need to go back and look at this reflection to get myself back on track it asks questions about myself I could answer when I get off topic.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this reflection here.

Top Critiques:

  • I really like your project. Maybe try not to film in the hall and reduce the background noise. Also maybe try to make your videos longer and maybe try to be more energetic when filming.
  • I pick this critiques because it shows how committed I am to listening to other peoples project and how descriptive my comments are.

All Projects:

Day 1: brainstorm art ideas

Day 2: gather supplies and plan

Day 3: start drawing

Day 4: continue drawing

Day 5: finish up drawing

Day 6: paint/color the drawing

Day 7: Continue painting/coloring

Day 8: display/frame the drawing

Day 9: find the meaning behind the drawing

Day 10: finish touch ups

day 11-15: wrap up our project