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  • My DIY Project Page DIY Project Page
    • I did this project because I wanted to do DIY things I never diy things before. I wanted to try something new that I have never done before. I count this as a success because we made some diy things. Are milk a dye was a success. Are skittles and water was a success. Are elephant toothpaste was a failure. Are slimes were a success and a fail.
  • My K'nex Roller Coaster page K'nex Roller Coaster
    • I did this project because I wanted to see how far I could get with my roller coaster. Even though I did not make my rollercoaster work I still count my project as a success. The reason I count it as a success because I tried something new and did something I've never done before. The ending project looked good but it never went around the whole thing. I ended with a product even though it did not work I tried my best.

  • My Learning Turkish Easy page: Learning Turkish Easy
    • I am doing this project because I am turkish and all of my moms side speaks turkish and I've been their but not being able to understand it so I saw this as a perfect opportunity to do it. This is a quality project because I do a variety things to do every week. Some examples of what I do is sometimes what I do new activities on my doulingo and then I put the new words on my quizlet then write those on flashcards. This is an interactive projects because when I am done I will put tips on what sites and what things that would give to an advantage and learning a new language easy.

Top Projects

  • Sam's gaming review
    • I just started did a few reviews. I did five nights at freddy's and that was really so i did that for a wile. It really depends i much i like the game if i like it a lot i wile. So i might stop soon or in the 3rd Quarter so it really Depends.
  • Project 1 Sam's gaming review
    I am making a game blog I am doing more I pad mini apps. I am going to do more of like computer game next after my geometry dash review that's what I am doing now so i am going to doable with computer games like mine craft then Sims or go back to i pad games. I might to a new protect after the 3rd quarter. But for ow i am doing geometry dash. My longest review was retry. It depends I much I like the game. I rate the game of 0 to 10
  • My Crossy Road Review
    • This is one of the longest projects I did, I really liked it that why it was one on of my favorite reviews. That was one of my last reviews. It was one of the games I enjoyed but I stopped at started doing stop animation with Eric.
  • Photoshop
    • This I did for the Forth quarter of the year I really liked it because I can discover new things I did not know you could do on photo shop for editing photos. I loved the idea of making a good photo to a amazing photo. You can bend, twist and almost anything on Photoshop. You can changed the colors and make it anything you want. That's why I did Photoshop.

Top Reflections: 16-17

  • 6/7/17 All is (TS). What went well. A lot of people went to my project and one of the more popular projects. One of the only hands on projects I saw. A good part also was that I did not have normal classes that day. What problems/difficulties did you face. Some difficulties I faced is that my station being on of the only hands on station and we did not have that control over our project and a lot of kids came and used/ruined all of our supplies. When my partner and I told them to leave the kids did not leave and continued to ruin our supplies. How did you (or someone else) try to solve them. Well my partner tries to solve it by yelling at them and telling them to leave by yelling and shouting. I tried telling the kids nicely and taking away and putting away the supplies which was kind of working. If I were in charge (How would you make it better or more successful). The kids would of not destroyed all of our stuff.
    • I chose this reflection because I went in depth in this more than other reflections that I have done.
  • 3/2/17 This week I had a breakthrough. I had a breakthrough I tried to rebuild the rollercoaster. This week at the end of class of Friday the rollercoaster went the farthest the rollercoaster its ever been next week or the week after that the roller coaster might be done and working I just need to fix a few things and find a piece and it might end up working.

    • I chose this reflection because this goes in depth on how I had a breakthrough. I also went through what I needed to improve and what I improved from last week. I explained how I improved and what I did to fix my problem. I also went through what I will do to my problem and how I will problem solve. That why it was my best reflection.

  • 11/30/16This week I started working on a lot of little things to remember I learned on numbers 1-100.I also worked on my expressions like hello, goodbye and other things like that. This week I used a youtube channel dedicated on learning turkish called Learn Turkish On that youtube channel I learned colors, weather and fruits to remember that I could use in my daily life. I also finished Foods and Phrases and Adjectives all on doulingo. Over the weekend I will take a video having a conversation in turkish with my mom. Next week I will upload the video on my learning turkish page. Later in next week after I uploaded the video I will try to find a new project to do and then write my proposal on the project that I want to do. I am going to use my information that I learned this week was the little things I did in my notebook because I will use in it at restaurants and at other places.
    • I chose this as my top reflection of this quarter because I think this reflection more thoroughly compared to my other reflections this quarter. I think that because I described what I did the most even the little things. I also said the sites I used that week.
  • 11/2/16This week I started a new part working on foods on doulingo. This week I also made a Turkish notebook through out my project I will write notes in that notebook. I did one and two of the foods category. I went through the food categories and then I copied the new words on my quizlet. Next week I will do portfolios next week on Wednesday and on Friday I will be working on my third and last food category. If I finish that I will be writing my foods from my quizlet to flashcards.
    • This is my top reflection this year so far because it does not talk about one specific thing. I think a quality reflection should be focused on multiple subjects more than focused on one big topic. In this reflection I talked about what I did that week like me starting at working on a new category on doulingo. A good reflection should also talk about future things like what you are going to do not just what you did.

      • Top Reflections: 14-15
  • 10/14/14 I am going to play more 5 nights at freddy's today and on Thursday I will right a review about it.
  • This is one of my top refection's because it was going to be my first review. Also because it was the beginning of the year and I was excited. It was also my first game I reviewed. It was a big milestone of gaming for me because I got to night seven the hardest night. It really disappointed me because the five nights of Freddy's two and five nights at Freddy's sucked.
  • 12/1/14 doing my Crossy road Review because I was playing that for a while and I reached my goal of collecting most of the character's in the game so it is time to start a other game like geometry dash.
    • This is one of my favorite posts because I was getting to the hang of it and start to really like that game but I was playing for a while so that's why it was one of my favorite games because I got most of the characters and I really enjoyed it. One of the things they messed up was that they made more characters when it was not popular.
  • 1/5/15 I just started geometry dash and I beat lots of levels and I am starting to stop and start another game.

    • I chose this project to highlight because it was one of my last games I reviewed and I thought it was over rated and not that good so and that's the only game I reviewed that I thought was bad so that's why I think it is one of my important reviews
  • 4/22/15 Photoshoping and learning new tools
    • I pick this because this I picked I new project. I really liked it because I learned about editing photo's. You get to change the colors the vibracce. You can like change like everyt thing about the photo.

Top Critiques


  • 6/9/17 I think you could do something with pipe cleaners or glitter or something different like that.
    • I like this critique because I told her to do something different.
  • 1/18/17 Try to incorporate as much simple machines as possible
    • This is my favorite critique this quarter because I said how it could help her.
    • This is my favorite critique of the quarter because he needed some way to track his project. This is a quality critique because he was not tracking his progress.
  • 9/28/16 What do you have to do to reach your goal
    • This is my favorite critique because it is just a simple question but it still asks what he is going to do. It is a quality critique because it was asking what I am thinking and wondering. I used this because he did not explain what he was going to do with his project and how he was going to get to that main goal that he wanted to get to in the future. This critique I used to help his presenting skills because he did not explain what he was going to do to reach his goal he just said he was going to get their but I said that critique for him to say that in the future. That is why that is a quality critique.

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