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This project was really fun because I can use robots which I have to code
this project was difficult because I have to code it myself and I have to tweak it so it can give its best performance.

Game Star Mechanic
    • Because it tested my mind and creativity and how I make games that people find interesting. It challenges my brain by kingmaker play the games and earn the sprits not buy them the cheap way and I like doing challenges
    • I am creating more games to post on the page but it is not finished yet

NFL power point

    • I earned a lot about the NFL and there talented players because some of the NFL players are extremely talented.
    • It also got me more interested in sports because before I made the the power point I wasn't that big of a sports fan until I made the power point which basically made a mark in my life and increased my sports interesting the world of sports.

NFL legends power point

    • I learned about the NFL s past and some of the best football players because football has been going on for a long time and some of the NFL best lived in the past.
    • I learned about the best players from the past and how good they were at the game it self.
    • It made me get more interested about the past and "old school" football.

    • Because it made me experience how to survive and how to create what ever I wanted. It tested my creativity because it made me build building houses hotels huts ex.
    • How it tested my survive skills is that there is a survival mode which makes me have limited resources and made me gather my own wood,food and shelter.
    • Another way it tested it is there were wild animals some attack me and some leave me alone unless I bother them.

Basketball scripts and video's:


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Screen shots of games:

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Top Reflections:

  • Today I helped Jack build his castle world that he let me join.
I finished building one of pillares for the castle.
I will ask jack where should I spend the night in the castle world.

  • Iam wondering how to work the piston in a useful way.
    I think it is something to do with redstone.
    Ineed to adjust the snow golomon lower so it could hit some monsters that distract us.
    Try to advance tree house as much as we can.

  • Found a good spot in a hole it was made of stone so I placed dirt in the hole and made the tree.
    Need to fill up the the dark placees so monsteres don't spawn in the dark places.
    Need to make a big brige so people could come to the mega tree house.

  • I succesfuly consturcted an LED Throwie. I I am thinking about new Ideas to use them in different ways.
    I am finding velcro so they cannons stick to shirts.
  • Made a commerial adverisement and sort of like a demestartion.
    researching about the Throwies and how to enances them.
    I am thinking of ideas to make them water proof and stronger a brighte and better.

LED Throwies project


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