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1. Project 1 (Music Reviews)
  • Music reviews are the only project that I'm doing right now. I really like it and I plan on doing it for a while,

2. Project 2 (

Top Reflections:

  • "Today I found a ton of great videos on how to do the mentos and coke experimen. One of them showed us how to do it differently than most people do. Another one showed different attempts and what not to do. All the videos I looked at were helpful.
    • I chose this reflection because I explained what videos we looked at. I told what the video did and showed
  • Feb. 12. 13 Reflection:
    I learned that in order to do a good reflection, you have to know about the song and the band to see what other songs they've done to see if they've written/sang better songs to compare them. For example, if a band had a song that wasn't as great as the one I was reviewing, I would mention the better song. Or the other way around, if I was reviewing a great song, then I would also mention the less great one. Or if a part of a song was better than the chorus in a different one, I would bring that up too.
  • I chose this reflection because I explained it very nicely and added a lot of detail.

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