Top Projects:

  • Project 1
    • This is a link to my app reviews. The reason why I picked this one is because these are the only projects I have finished this year, I am working on a big video with sophie d and it is taking us a while so that is why I had to pick this video. I learned how to use kinds of games that I am not used to using and it took a little while to figure out. Some games after I figured them out I liked more then others.
  • Project 2
  • srr2&cob1
    • This was my stop motion project with chloe. I picked this one because it was fun and chloe doesnt go to this school anymore.
  • 6th Grade Memories Proposal
    • This is my project im working on now and i think that this one will be really good.

Top Reflections:

Today Sophie and I realized that she forgot her ipad, and we are pretty much done taking pictures and we need to mostly edit our video so we will hopefully finish our video next class. We played cool math and looked at some games that we have never played before that were kind of hard but we had to learn and figure out how to play the game and we learned how that was hard at first but at the end it turned out to be a really fun game.

why I picked this: I picked this because sophie an I had to solve a problem of not having our right materials. It took a while to know what we needed to do.

i played papas wingeria and it was a super fun game i had a lot of fun playing it and i learned some tricks too. The goal of this game is to get the wings to the coustomer perectly made and prepared then you get scored. Next class if kaylee my video partner ismnt here i tink i will play papas pancakeria. I rate that game a 10/10!

I picked this journal reflection^^ because i took up lots of class periods doing this, and i found a game that i really liked. I also played other versions of this game that i liked also. but this was the first of the coolmath games for a while. I also liked this journal because it shows good memories that i had with my friends kaylee and sophe. Papa's Wingeria is a fun filled game that entertains you a lot and i would play it again anytime. Papa's Wingeria is also challenging when you get farther in the game. THis gaame to me is a game that i think anyone can enjoy.

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  • "Copy/paste a favorite reflection here."
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