Top Projects:

  • Skylar and Graces DIY Project

  • Me and grace are continuing our D.I.Y crafts project and maggie has joined our group to, we started posting all of our videos to youtube and that has been very help full to log all of our progress. so far we have completed 2 of our five D.I.Ys and plan to be doing the next 3 next year. we have also started a mini projects page for when we don't have our supplies that we need for a D.I.Y or if one of our group members are missing. we have also been posting videos of our mini projection youtube along with everything else to hopefully inspires some people looking for ideas. i really love this projected because you can be creative and expand your imagination and make new ideas, plus its a lot of fun to experiment with different things like slime and food.
  • Skylar and Graces DIY Project
    • me and my friend grace just started a new D.I.Y project, in the project we will make sushi out of candy, a D.I.Y color full phone case, kittens made of felt and liquid glass. In this project, we have already made the first part, candy sushi, and it was a success. we are planning to do the phone cases soon and are looking at material. we have already made wiki pages for all of our projects and sited sources for instructions.
  • Star stables page
    • this is a project I have just started, I will be playing an online game called star stables. in star stables you can ride your horse around and explore the world. you have mulpl outfits to wear and also saddles and other tack. you can buy new horses and complete goals. I will be doing you tube videos of star stables, but I havent started yet. My project is just starting so I just made my intro. I have been planing out what I will do in my video, and what goals I will complete. I also will try to do races to up the level of my horse and my self.
  • mine craft 2.0
    • In this project, I am doing mine craft mod reviews, it lets me learn about mine craft and diffrent mods. Some of the high lights of it are, getting to play with new mods, getting to find out all the cool things can do with the mods, learning how to show case the mods so that other people can find them, finding cool tricks that I could not do before and finding new mods to show case my self from other sorces such as, you tube other people that play mine craft.
  • Ducky Tape Portfolio
    • I learned how to handle duct tape and make handy supplies or accessories
    • me and coco found ways to model the duct tape to designs that suit us personally.
    • the tape came in so many colors that make the products more colorful.

    • i learned how to be creative with card board and make cool shapes with it.

    • i found a way to make the shape, color and size that fits the emoji i want.

    • i got a color that mached the real emoji and i look like the real deal.

Top Reflections:

  • I/We have changed my/our plan...
when we started our mini project about hair and maggie wanted to join. we started making a video of our braids, we started with the 'unicorn braid' which i did and we took photos along the way to put in our video. next week i think i will finish the unicorn braid video and post it to my youtube channel. but we still have to re do our proposal scene maggie wants to join. this is my top reflection because it showed what i was feeling and how we improvised to not having our matirals and adding a member to our group. i also like this reflection because it showed what we did not complete and what we could do better on next time.

  • Type 2
    What you were thinking
  • this is my top reflection for this project
    today we...did not get as far as we hope because we set up all of our wikis for the rest of our projects like phone cases, and we got all of theresorces we need to be success full. we did this because we had nothing els to do and we wanted to be prepared for are next activities, also we talked about the candy sushi and who is going to bring what materials neat week to make it and I felt happy of what we acomplishes, that refletion shows what exactly we did that week and why why did not get as much done as we would have liked. it also shows that we were planning adead so we would be pereared for future projects
  • Today I...
    Planed out my whole video and made my intro, I looked at all the things I needed to complete and wrote it down, I also wrote down some of the other things that are cool that I want to go to. Also I wanted to explore the places I have not gone before, or recently unlocked in levels. I felt like I acomplished a lot and now know how to plan out a video.
    • I chose this reflection because it shows how I was feeling when I was working on my project and also what I accomplished. I also learned something about my project
      that I can use for future projcets.
  • Today I/we ...
    started up on other duct tape things and came up with ideas.
    we also made some wallets and coco started the coloring book.
    coco found a good design for the cover.
    • me and coco both got something started.
    • we both came up with a deisine for the product.
    • we both came up with solutions for are problems.
  • I got further than I had planned because... I worked hard to complete the mod show case for mo creatchers. i tamed animals such as turkeys, wyverns, birds and turtels for my show case. i took many screen shots of the mod and i plan to post them to the wiki and start on my other showcase.
    • I work hard so I got a lot done. I also leanred how to tame a lot of animals. I took and saved screen shots of the mods fetures.

Top Critiques:

  • think it was really coo, that you did this as a progect and i love all the efort you put into making this, next time you can trie making the R and E a little shorter so that it fits into the time zone.
    • this is my best one because it starts of with saying something that i really liked about maggies project and then it gives a suggestion to try if she ever comes back to this project. I also liked this one because i used polite speech to say my suggestion so that she knew that she did not have to if she did not want to.

  • my best peer critic is
    i like your idea, and i think that you might want to consider donating some of your old clothing pices to charity and maybe start it on other clothing like hats. i think this is helpfull becoase it gives help full ideas and ideas that might help other people as well, also its polite and not demanding.
  • You might want to consiter saying what the themes you want to do in the future. also you might want to think about asking viewers what recipiecs they want you to try next.
    • This is my top critique because it is helpfull and polit. also it could help them gain more veiwers if they have somthing to look forward to .

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