SMJ2 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Project 3: 3D Printing For Echo Dot:
    • We chose this project because it is challenging and fun. We have been designing dogs on many different programs. Which includes: TinkerCAD, Blender, & Vectary. We also had many different designs. This is our third main project that we have done so far. Another reason why we are doing this is because we are presenting this in Invention Convention (Science/Engage). A final reason we are doing this project is because it is challenging to create a 3D design.

  • Project 2: Kerbal Space Program:
    • We chose this project because it is pretty fun and interesting. We get to launch rockets, planes, space shuttles, and more! This is our second main project we have done so far. Our goal is to get to the Mun (moon) and beyond. Although, currently, we have postponed our goal to get to the Mun. We are developing a jet- but we are not sure where it will go. One reason I like this project is that it is pretty challenging to build and fly the rockets.
  • Project 1: DogVision Stop Motion Project:
      • We chose this project because it was challenging and fun. We also haven't done another project like this before. This is also our first main project that we have done. We also work well together with this stop motion project. Also, when you see what a dog does, it looks pretty cool.
    Top Reflections:
  • "This week we...
    Found a few apps that have what we need. We can use this app to make a series of different animal vision. It has what a dog, cat, bee, snake, bird, shark, baby, & horse see. There are a few different apps, but we picked out one that looks good. Also we might have found a way to incorporate VR into the project. I think that we did a lot of good research for our project."
    • I chose this reflection because we achieved a lot and worked hard that day. We got a lot done and we were prepared for the final stage for our DogVision project. The app that we found was very good- espeicially for what we needed.

  • Continued to work on our stop motion project. We also downloaded our pictures on to the MacBook and started to download them to DogVision. We had to edit the pictures one by one. But, we can choose every 5th photo instead. I think we worked well together.
    • I chose this reflection because it was pretty developed. It also showed what we did and how we worked. We had problems and we solved them. Also, we worked on our project together.

Top Critiques:

  • "Maybe you can also make a list of the worst to best players. But, you don't have to do all the players. Just some of the best and some of the worst and their statistics."

    • I chose this critique because I think it is pretty good. In my opinion, it is pretty well written. It is also pretty useful for his project. That is why I chose this critique.

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