Sam leslie
Here is my journal!

My best projects

can be and I wanted to show how much fun that i have with my friends. I learned
how hard it can be to use this but once you learn how to use the effects and
the recorder. It is a fun app that you can do whenever you want!

much. It was a good project because we got to try out new games! most of them we
hadn't played ever before.

I learned a lot from doing that project! i had never used imovie before
so it was a great experience!

with others assistance but this time it was totally new because i had to learn to do
everything by myself.! I learned how to addmusic and cut the pictures so that they
were shorter. It was a lot of fun and opened my eyes to new things!

My best journals

  • Today it was tough because i had forgotten my iPad at school. Because i had done that it was really hard because today our goal was to do our video and make it look better. We had enough pictures so what we did was think about our next projects so that we could be productive. I am going to do app reviews. I think I can learn different skills in games and even find out lots of different tips and tricks to the games on my iPad and even on websites such as cool math! I think it will be prety cool.

    • I like this journal entry because i think it shows how everything can go wrong by just forgetting to bring something to school.It can be hard during class because sometimes if just one thing goes wrong your whole entire class can change. ometimes your whole entire project is on something and when that one thing goes wotng you have to find something to do!

  • I played papas wingeriaIt was a super hard game because it was so face paced. People were rushing in and out and i had to make sure that their chicken wings were perfect!!! It was funa and challenging! I think i might play papas pancakeria next class! i rate it a 9/10

    • I like this journal entry because it shows some fun times in class. I remember this day ad how me and my friends played that game. Papas Wingeria is fun and challenging and those are the types of games I like to play. Coolmath has some really cool and interesting games. I thought that this one was one of the ones that anyone could enjoy.

  • Today we added music to our video. We really like a variety of songs but wanted to have more than one song in our video and did not know how to cut them so to problem solve we chose different and shorter songs. We only have a little bit of stuff to do next week ad then we will be done. We really enjoyed doing our video. The pictures and everything just made it even better. Today I accomplished a lot and worked VERY hard.
    • This journal was when I was doing a really hard video and it was extremely difficult to do things. This was one of my first times doing an Imovie and it was confusing and hard but me and Sophie Ritger had finally figured out how to do many things and got everything done. We accomplished a lot during this project.

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