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Top Projects:

  • Sadie and Lauren DIY Project Page
    • Once again, I have the same project. I stayed with it because if I left it there would be so many loose ends and so many more things we wanted to try.This project is crazy and so many unexpected things happen which make it difficult but makes me want to keep pushing and make the final project perfect. Our goal was slightly changed because of our areas in interest; make fun and cute things that are popular and make it in the lowest way possible. This project really helps learn how to overcome bumps in the road and work it out. We have really improved on our skills since the beginning of the year because of what our resources is and what we are doing (not just slime anymore). This is a fun project that I love and love the lessons it teaches.
  • Sadie and Lauren DIY Project Page
    • I stayed with this project for multiple reasons. I choose to stay because this is probably one of the funniest/ hardiest project i have ever done in thinkering studio. Our goal was to take things that people buy in stores for good amounts for money and make the thing in $10 or less. This project helps us really know how to create everyday things. This project is tough but it teaches us that not everything will come out perfectly, and it wont. We have really improved from the last quarter because we now know how to edit and make a quality video. This project makes me learn a whole lot more about little things in life.
  • Sadie and Lauren's DIY Channel
    • I choose this project because of the multiple things it has taught me. Me and Lauren's goal was to make some really funky stuff and make it our own. This project can be super tough at times but it teaches you that some times F.A.I.L is ok. Its definitely not the easiest project but by all the random things we have tried we have gotten better at! This project makes me think really hard about the little things in life that you think is simple but in reality its not.
  • Sadie and Eloise's We Make No-Bake YouTube Channel
    • I choose this project because its fun and really simple. Me and Eloise goal was to find and complete different no-bake recipes and to make some of our own recipes and complete them. This project we make the recipe in 2-3 days, edit our video, and then post to YouTube. Me and Eloise learned a lot about problem solving and being responsible with the materials we where given. I for sure learned a great amount about how F.A.I.L and how its ok. This project expands my mind by knowing how much work it is to just make something as simple as brownies.
  • DIY Projects
    • I chose this project because one its my only project and two its so fun and super easy. My goal was to make classy things with inexpensive items.This project is a series of DIYs that I have been doing and posting to YouTube. I learned a lot about problem solving and being responsible with materials that could be fun to play with. I have defiantly been learning more skills and life things like how to cut and glue and make movies that look legit. This project helped me expand my ways of knowing how simple it is to make something that could cost a lot in stores. This changes my thinking of things that I could love but are way to expensive, if you think about it you could just possible make it yourself for a low cost.

Top Reflections:

  • If we had another week ...
    We could complete the task of bath bombs for mini maker fair. Tonight we wanted to order critic acid and bath bomb molds. If they came in time we could test recipes and see what works best. Although next week we only have two days of thinking we plan to work hard until we get what we need to get done. Except that we had a productive week and got our survey done
    • I think this is a very top notch reflection because it explains our problem and what we could do just with one more week of class. It also shows what we did on the bright side of things. We were disappointed that we could not end up making our bath bombs work with the correct materials in time but we got other things done and moved on from this situation. But we learned that sometimes a stump in the road is a good thing and that we all need to move on from our mistakes.
  • We have changed my/our plan...
    We had to changed our plan because of our parents. They have been reading articles about how glue and other materials we are using are very dangerous. Now we need to take a turn in our project away from our harmful materials. We have decided to substitute good materials for bad materials.

    • I think this is a top reflection because it explains a huge stump in the road for us. Me and Lauren where upset when our parents told us to stop using harmful materials but we also understood why. Me and Lauren had SO MUCH left over harmful materials so we decided to us those materials for what they really are supposed to be used for. We are ready to take on the challenge for using different materials for different purposes.
  • I/We learned...
    How to edit good content on the mac.We have made a lot of funny things throughout our video to give a better feel. we also learned how over come lots of obstacles.We plan to start making stress balls and diy phone cases!
    • I think this is one of my top reflections because it explains what we achieved. Me and Lauren where very bad at first when it comes to editing. In fact we haven't even finished! But we learned neat tricks and short cuts to making super good content!
  • We have changed my/our plan...
Eloise left to go to Florida so our whole voice over plan was thrown out the window. I had to complete the voice overs myself and luckily finished. Next i ALMOST finish editing but still have a little bit To go. Me and Eloise are hoping to start our cheesecake next week!
    • I think this is one of my best reflections because i'm reflecting on how i problem solved with Eloise no being able to be at school. I also decided on this reflection because i had finished our video with the voice overs although Eloise only had her voice in once. i was also able to plan out when we could make our cheesecake which helped me a lot. Now i would like to try some recipe that i could slow down own and not so time wasting.

  • This week I had a breakthrough when I was wrapping up my video and I was thinking I was not going to finish it until next week. But I ended up posting the video. I also helped gray upload his project and embed it to the wiki. Hopefully I get to that next week
    • I think this is one of my best reflections because I am reflecting on how I have reached my goal. Also, I chose this one because I accomplished a whole lot the day and was really proud. I have been learning more about goals and I think that this reflections shows how I have reached my goal. Now I would like to try something a bit more challenging like using some materials that I am not familiar with.

Top Critiques:

  • I LOVE this idea. But I still am wondering how will they light up? Censer? On/Off Switch?
    • I choose this critique because i loved his ideas but i was still wishy washy on the way it would work. I also thought it would give him some things to think about when making his actual LED throwie. When he was doing the planning he did not really know and i thought this could be something great to tinker with. Otherwise I think this is a cool project and could really do well.
  • Maggie, I would suggest you try to use more stable materials for your reptile.
    • I choose this critique because i feel it's the most important one. We are talking about a living thing! I thougjht it should be a bit more stable because she was using Popsicle sticks when she could using something else for her reptile to live in. Otherwise her project idea was cool and i think her reptile will appreciate it.
  • I would recommend adding some photos of the phone cases because it would help draw my attention.

    • I choose this critique because i was really thorough and helpful with it. I also choose it because i loved her idea but i could not see and of the cases. I made a phone case once but their are several different ways and she did not explain enough about them. I would of thought they would have somewhere the document but i did not see one.
  • Your games where super fun and cool. I suggest you add more levels to each game and have each level a different goal
    • I chooses this critique because it really explains what i would suggest. I suggested it because he's games where super fun but really quiet out of order. What I mean is his easiest level was not at the beginning where majority of easy levels where. Otherwise, his games and mazes are super fun and challenging.

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