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2014-2015 SIG1 Basketball Tutorials
    • I just started working on making basketball tutorials with my classmate Markis. We take video and edit it on a mac. we try to posy o every 4 class periods. The first day we film, the 2nd and 3rd we edit, and the last we upload to youtube. Sometimes filming can take more than 1 day and editing can take up to 3. They are a god 2 minutes long and very informational. We model are videos after i youtube channel called Ilovebasketballtv. This channel has over 200k subscribers. Are videos look very professional and we think this project will take us a long way.

    • I just started playing Minecraft. My project is about creating a Redstone filled theme park. Redstone is a type of circuitry in minecraft that is similar to circuitry in real life. I have to make at least 3 cool rides that work all with Redstone. I have three recourses to help me with Redstone circuitry. One is a Red stone hand book, and the two others are websites. You can find these to websites on my proposal page. I have to learn how to make sure everything works and none of the Redstone is showing, because then it would look very unprofessional.

    • I am still continuing to put my video on youtube. The first time I put my video on youtube the sound was very muffled. I am trying to see if i can fix the audio so when i upload it again it will not sound like crackling. I was able to earn more about copyright this year. I learned that you cannot have more than 20 percent of a video in your project and you ALWAYS have to give credit to where you find music and video. I am happy I could do the project. I learned a lot about making a sports edited movie. This was a great project to learn from. I was successful in creating a Sports Edited Highlight Reel that people could enjoy.

  • 2014-2015 SIG1 Shoe Marketing
    • I really enjoyed doing shoe marketing. It was an opportunity for me do do what i liked in a project at school. I stopped at one point because we had a couple problems with the marketing. We didn't have an up and running Ebay we could use to buy shoes. We would need to have someone with us when we bought the shoes which was difficult for us since both of us didn't own a Ebay. Now we are trying to start the business back up again. Now we have a working Ebay but we still have some of the same problems as before. We are not aloud to buy anything with out bates parents permission.

New Project
    • Scratch- In this project i am making a game with all the things that i learned how to do with scratch cards. it is pretty hard and challenging but so far its fun. i am making a really cool game.
    • Stop Motion-i did this because it seemed fun and it was. we made a really good video that was about 45 seconds. we added music that goes along with it too Stop Motion SIG1
    • song remixing-in this project i am putting a whole bunch of songs and lines in one. it is going to be filled with all the famous songs, and all the famous celebrities like 2 chanz, Justin Beiber and Jay-Z
    • Shoe Buying and Selling- For this project i am buying shoes and selling them for profit. i wanted to do this project because i saw my friends do it and it seemed really fun, so i decided to try it. We buy the shoes on Ebay or Instagram and sell them there too. we buy all different kinds of basketball shoes but its only focused on basketball shoes like Air Jordan or Foamposites. Our project is here

Top Reflections:

  • I was effective/ineffective because ...I was distracted a little bit but I still managed to get the middle of the roller coaster. I spelled out my name and it looks really nice. I found out another way to place Redstone torches that was easier and looked way better than just placing blocks next to the coaster.
    • This reflection was in the 4th quarter when I was in the middle of building a Minecraft Redstone roller coaster. This project was very easy because I had some history in Minecraft earlier. The project took maybe 7 class periods which is short for a project in thinkering to me.

  • I'm going to try to start a new project, Minecraft. I started loading up Miecraft. I'm getting use to how to use everything
    • This reflection was in the 3rd quarter. This was also mine craft. I just started up mine craft and was thinking of some projects to do. I decided I would create a mine craft Redstone roller coaster.

  • I/We learned...I learned how I can learn to sell shoes and make more money while doing it. I learned how to make deals and negotiate with people.

  • I can learn to make deals with sellers and buyers. I can now sell my socks for more than what there worth.

Top Critiques:

  • This is Sam. I like your project I think it suits you because as you said you wanted to be an interior designer. I have some suggestions for you. Maybe you can use more than one software because it might give you some more variation on building. Also maybe you should mention how much people are going to live in your house. Maybe you can also list your location as well.
    • This critique was on Genevieve's project in the 4th quarter.
  • I thought your project was pretty good. there was just one concern I had. When you play the video there is no audio in the background. I had no idea what was going on because none of the announcers were talking. I think you should add the commentary that was originally put in the video. If that is not possible some how, maybe you could add some music in there to make the video appealing to the ear as well as the eye.
    • This critique was in the first quarter. It was on Eamons project.
  • Your project seems really cool but i don't exactly know how your going to make a boat out of the popsicle sticks. Whats the science behind it? how do you know that your boat is going to float? Maybe you should research how to make your boat float so you know for sure that your not going to fail.
    • This critique was in the 2nd quarter on brodys project.

i am almost done with scratch because scratch was very difficult and i was finally able to do it

i am almost done with stop motion

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