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fuzzy mounsters
  • this project was a good idea even if it was a kindergarten craft my groups challenge was to make an how to video not to make the craft my group still hasten posted are video yet because we are having trouble with you tube and also we are having trouble with i movie and exporting it in to you tube we decided to make this because we wanted to make a simple craft not so simpl

  • water melon charger
    • this project will help me learn about how to charge electronics with fruit such as the water melon i learned that i did not work and that trying the project is a wast of time and money. i chose this project because i though that it would be cool to test if it would work i am glade i tried this project because it was a good learning experience

we made this project because i heard cake pops are really good and my friends said that this project was good and we are almost done we have to still bake

duck tape crafts (delete this and replace with project name

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  • Project 1 (delete this and replace with project name)
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  • "using camera it dident work so know i have to use you tube"
    • i like this one because it shows that i struggled and had to problem solve it was really hard to problem solve and we could not find something else to use but then we went on the internet and surched what to do and we found that we could post to you tube and we figerd out how to butt we still couldn't

  • "we figerd out how to upload pictures now i just have to post them'
    • this was a good won because it should that i had confidence in posting but when i tried it dident work and i was puzzled.but then i thought for a while and found bye exporting it to my camera roll and trying to get it on the wiki threw there it mite work

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All Projects: